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Welcome to ATT
Advanced Tau Tactica is a content-driven, peer-review website that exists to promote the development of serious-minded, user-submitted articles and projects. Although a sense of community is encouraged (and prevalent), ATT exists for people who prefer to socialize through shared development rather than idle chit-chat. This sense of focus is at the core of our mission statement. We strive to maintain very high standards so that those who share these standards may collaborate with their peers without distraction.

Well-written, respectful dialogue is part of what distinguishes ATT, and we take it very seriously. Anyone can join ATT, but if you want to participate, you must make the effort to participate well. The following is a summary of our Member Guidelines and Expectations:

1) Treat each other with respect whilst using family-appropriate language.
2) Post with substance or not at all (includes proper spelling and grammar).
3) Post only what you know. If you're unsure about something, look it up.
4) Stay on topic.
5) Ask/search before you propose the Next Big Thing.
6) Post in existing topics rather than starting new ones.
7) Be ethical.
8) Respect intellectual property rights.
9) Avatars : 80x80 pixels in size, non-animated.
10) Signatures are limited to 55 characters.

The Admin team may warn, delete, or ban users whose posts consistently fail to meet the criteria explained in our Membership Primers, which all members of ATT are expected to have read and understood before posting. Reasonable allowances will be made for those members for whom English is a second language.

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