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by SomeTauGuy
Feb 05 2017 10:42
Forum: Engaging the Alien
Topic: Ynnari rules discussion
Replies: 25
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Re: Ynnari rules discussion

My concern, if I read this right, is that it may allow a unit to win combat, destroy the opposing unit, then immediately charge another unit. Please let me know if I am missing something in the way this rule works. Yup, thats right. The Soulburst rule shown on bols (and I'm going to assume that it'...
by SomeTauGuy
Jan 17 2017 08:39
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: [Article Submission]Detachments,Formations,Factions & Allies
Replies: 11
Views: 4245

Re: [Article Submission]Detachments,Formations,Factions & Allies

I've updated the third and fourth posts with an additional formation and the official 40k Rules FAQ. Happy to give it some time for peer review otherwise, could an admin reflect these changes into the Academy Article here ? There was some discussion regarding how much to put into this article in thi...
by SomeTauGuy
Jan 17 2017 07:02
Forum: Rules & FAQ
Topic: Outflank
Replies: 7
Views: 726

Re: Outflank

The Scout & Infiltrate special rules both confer Outflank to units that have either of those special rules. So the list of possible Outflanking units looks like: ⋅ Shadowsun ⋅ Darkstrider ⋅ Kroot ⋅ Stealth suits ⋅ Pathfinders (with Devilfish if t...
by SomeTauGuy
Dec 02 2016 04:29
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: How to make troops more survivable
Replies: 17
Views: 2092

Re: How to make troops more survivable

How are your troops getting wiped out? Shooting, close combat, bit of both? For shooting, cover saves are your friend and you can get them from sitting in terrain or from forcing your opponent to fire through other units. Ghostkeels are great in that they come with an excellent cover save and a unit...
by SomeTauGuy
Nov 23 2016 04:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The Academy Project
Replies: 58
Views: 4540

Re: The Academy Project

With the release of the Official 40k Rulebook FAQ, the Detachments and Formations article needs a few updates. ⋅ The last section on Independent Characters gaining formation special rules needs correcting. ⋅ I'd like to roll SinisterSamurai's addition on Death from the Skies into...
by SomeTauGuy
Aug 04 2016 08:27
Forum: Rules & FAQ
Topic: Community Comp Points
Replies: 3
Views: 557

Re: Community Comp Points

From what I know of it the Community Comp point system is mostly an Australian thing or at least grew out of the efforts of some Australian 40k players in an attempt to balance competition play with out having to nerf specific rules. It adds another dimension to list building for tournaments, and on...
by SomeTauGuy
Jul 11 2016 04:53
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: 1000 - Tau Empire Hunter Contingent
Replies: 6
Views: 1052

Re: 1000 - Tau Empire Hunter Contingent

Having a 5 man breacher teams lurking around your gun line can go a long way to discouraging your apponent from trying to Outflank/deep strike/jet bike into the area, especially when your gun line includes a Cadre Fireblade and the breachers can use Feints and Ambushes to increase their high strengt...
by SomeTauGuy
Jun 29 2016 06:14
Forum: Modelling
Topic: Stormsurge Base
Replies: 6
Views: 1530

Re: Stormsurge Base

How did you melt the rhino Sergeant_ty without destroying the model? Hair dryer?
by SomeTauGuy
Jun 01 2016 06:19
Forum: Engaging the Alien
Topic: How to beat Carnifex and Deathleaper
Replies: 30
Views: 3931

Re: How to beat Carnifex and Deathleaper

Use your pathfinders to marker light up Deathleaper. You want at least two on him for ignores cover then get your Firewarriors to shoot him to bits. Their weapons will ignore his armor save and have a higher strength than his toughness. Equip your crisis suits with Plasma Rifles (or maybe Fusion) an...

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