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by mbyx9jk2
Apr 21 2017 11:41
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: 1500 points and a whole lot of fun
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1500 points and a whole lot of fun

Hi All, Just got back from playing a game and tried out a new list. Went very well but that may have been my opponent rather than my strength of list. I wanted to try out something that had a very elite flavor to it. Anyhow - onwards to the list: FS-DB Detachment Core: Ret Cadre Cmdr:202 Iridium Arm...
by mbyx9jk2
Feb 29 2016 08:53
Forum: Membership Profiles
Topic: Hello From Me
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Hello From Me

Real first name:James Age and gender: 26 M Location: London - UK Occupation: Engineer How did you get into wargaming? Friends of Friends and a general love of Scifi How did you get into Tau? Recently decided to join the movement What would be your second piece of advice (after "read the freakin...

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