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by Shas' berries
Nov 14 2017 01:18
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: 2000 points ETC rules tournament in Paris.
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Re: 2000 points ETC rules tournament in Paris.

I would definitely change the warlord from the Coldstar. With its speed you are going to outrun your drone protection and could possibly lose him turn 1 if you are not careful about placement.
by Shas' berries
Oct 30 2017 05:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Upcoming T'au Codex
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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

I find it utter nonsense that highly advanced battlesuits would not carry some kind of reliable targeting system. Why would they still have the accuracy of a person on foot? It's ridiculous! You think the riptide would use an advanced system to target foes coupled with being piloted by the most deco...
by Shas' berries
Sep 07 2017 04:16
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: 1500 for tournament
Replies: 15
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Re: 1500 for tournament

I like to run a missile pod commander with drone controller, in the blob of drones. The drones take out midfield targets while the MP commander supports the coldstar and crisis team.
by Shas' berries
Aug 11 2017 08:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: About 'Crisis of faith'
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Crisis of faith. Red blood?

I personally have not read the book but reviews online have stated that "Commander farsight painted his battlesuit red because of all the Tau blood split on the battlefield."

So is GW or whoever is in charge of writing lore committing to Tau's blood being red?
by Shas' berries
Aug 06 2017 09:07
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: Farsight Enclaves army list. Need advice for where to go from here/what to do with what I have.
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Re: Farsight Enclaves army list. Need advice for where to go from here/what to do with what I have.

I agree, I have a very similar list as your's recently I dropped my broadsides and riptide for a hammerhead squadron with longstrike and all his BS 2+, +1 to wound goodness. They have drastically increased the deadlines of my army. Combo them with a QFC and turn landraiders into paper weights.

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