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by ZettaCrash
Sep 18 2017 11:42
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: To ATS or not to ATS that is the question.
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Re: To ATS or not to ATS that is the question.

I find it most optimal when used by anything that is typically AP0-1. It can make that burst cannon and misslepod a touch more deadly for a cheaper price which can mean a lot down the line in terms of upgrades and what not. It also entirely depends on the army you fight against. Units that typically...
by ZettaCrash
Sep 18 2017 11:37
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: Tactics vs. Dark Eldar
Replies: 23
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Re: Tactics vs. Dark Eldar

I've got two friends who play Dark Eldar and they looooove their mobility and firepower. Couple that with their ability to get into CC and absolutely shred T'au units and they're a huge problem. Thankfully, having played enough games against them, I have learned what is wonderfully effective. 1. Vel...
by ZettaCrash
Sep 04 2017 09:18
Forum: Membership Profiles
Topic: ZettaCrash
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Real first name: Luke Age and gender: Male, 25 Location: Pasadena, CA Occupation: Student, Teashop How did you get into wargaming? I've always had an interest in the game since about 4th edition. A family friend had a collection of space marines and I was able to browse through the different faction...
by ZettaCrash
Sep 01 2017 12:46
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: XV109 Y'vahra (any feedback?)
Replies: 65
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Re: XV109 Y'vahra (any feedback?)

I am getting one soon so as soon as I put it together, I promise to come here and give it a run down once I have done a game. As for for first impressions, I would go stim and target lock. Maybe ATS if I had ample marker support to pinpoint threats. For me, hitting a target is more important than ar...
by ZettaCrash
Sep 01 2017 12:31
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: Flamers vs. Burst cannons
Replies: 21
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Re: Flamers vs. Burst cannons

In my games, I have found personally that flamers are fantastic at being a deterrent while burst cannons are just much more versatile. Unless you get a homing beacon, suits cannot drop in fire range and if you give them burst cannons alongside drones and a controller, then the hail of bullets hurts ...

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