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by CMO
Jan 07 2018 01:09
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: Tournament list help
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Re: Tournament list help

Hi, I love the drafted list, and wanted to add some experience from a very similar tournament I went to yesterday. I ran 3 fusion commanders, a single yvahra and longstrike with 2 hammerheads with 3 minimum strike squads, and 5 units of 4 gun drones. I found 2 cadre fireblades were giving me enough ...
by CMO
Nov 26 2017 02:38
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: Alaitoc Counters
Replies: 18
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Re: Alaitoc Counters

I played against an Alaitoc list this weekend and while the advice to use flamers is good advice, without list tailoring, it’s a massive uphill battle to inflict any damage at all. Wave Serpents at -2 to hit, that have armour saves and then reduce damage by 1 and then roll a feel no pain equivalent ...
by CMO
Nov 26 2017 02:21
Forum: Membership Profiles
Topic: Very long time lurker...
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Very long time lurker...

Real first name: Carl Age and gender: 37 (sigh) and male Location: England Occupation: Teacher How did you get into wargaming? I saw a carnifex at my friends house and wanted one, immediately. I started a necron army having inherited some warriors and a couple of monoliths from a friend, and fell in...
by CMO
Nov 26 2017 02:01
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Chapter Approved Leaks Discussion
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Re: Chapter Approved Leaks Discussion

I think that the most disappointing aspect of this is the half-measures that we seem to be continually fed during 8th edition. I know that it’s a huge project to rewrite all the codices and revamp every aspect of such a sprawling game, but I just can’t see the value in a weak stopgap that has virtua...

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