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by Rizzle
Mar 17 2017 10:22
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: Ethereal + 2 Marker Drones + Sniper Drone Team = Win ?
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Re: Ethereal + 2 Marker Drones + Sniper Drone Team = Win ?

Etherials don't have drone controller and where did BS5 come from? Each Firesight Markesman (Markstau?) has BS5 and a drone controller, which is the trick that makes this a 2 way synergy. I can't speak to its effectiveness in 7th edition, but I thoroughly enjoyed this pairing at the centre of a 6th...
by Rizzle
Mar 15 2017 07:07
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Shadow War: Armageddon announced
Replies: 3
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Shadow War: Armageddon announced

As per the Games Workshop community blog , the next Citadel boxed game/gateway product has been announced at the Gama Trade Show, for release in April. Why am I delurking to post this here? Two reasons: ⋅ It's a small scale skirmish game, explicitly based on the Necromunda system to some (...
by Rizzle
Jan 29 2016 04:57
Forum: Tau Tactics
Topic: Shas'vre and signature systems
Replies: 10
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Re: Shas'vre and signature systems

give your buffmander a drone controller and a pair of marker drones and you've 2 'never' miss marker lights since they'll end up as BS 5 twinlinked. Drone Markerlights are not twin linked. I believe the intent is that a Commander using a command and control node and armed with a drone controller wo...
by Rizzle
Jul 05 2015 04:43
Forum: General Discussion
Replies: 1869
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Re: TAU RUMOURS...update 5/7/2015 - New suit mid page 10

Is T'aunar the name of this monstrosity? Almost - if you squint at images like this one you can make out the following: Tau KX139 Ta'unar Supremacy Armour As to it's design, I'm ambivalent and look forward to seeing one in person. I'm still yet to warm to the Riptide suit, partly because I haven't ...
by Rizzle
Jun 17 2015 02:57
Forum: Modelling
Topic: Why do people want new fire warriors
Replies: 19
Views: 4024

Re: Why do people want new fire warriors

Its not so much that the current firewarrior sprues are bad per se they're just starting to show their age, epecially after the new pathfinder box came out. Some new dynamic poses, reproportioned hands and shoulderpads, shas'ui upgrades, etc would go a long way. This sums it up for me. There's no s...
by Rizzle
Jun 17 2015 06:04
Forum: Modelling
Topic: Salgin's Farsight Enclaves
Replies: 19
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Re: Salgin's Farsight Enclaves

Blimey, those are lovely jet packs though. I've been resisting the urge to make a unit of Longstrike/XV02 models wielding pathfinder special weapons and this is one more reason to give in. When making my Tau infantry -> vespid conversion I took the view that if hotshot lasguns can "uprate"...
by Rizzle
Jun 10 2015 05:23
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: List building Help
Replies: 7
Views: 841

Re: List building Help

Just to add to Kael'yn's excellent ideas, consider spotlighting different units with each list you build. I find the nitty gritty details of my lists change if I want to make Pathfinder special weapons fit in over, say, a significant Stealth contingent. Alternately, focus on narrative driven lists e...
by Rizzle
Jun 07 2015 12:35
Forum: Resource Articles
Topic: 2015 "Confusion" Challenge : The Replacements VOTING
Replies: 21
Views: 8372

Re: 2015 "Confusion" Challenge : The Replacements VOTING

Thanks! I'm humbled by the response to my entry, particularly looking at the ingenuity displayed by the other entries here. There's a great number of ideas I'm looking forward to "borrowing" - for one thing, there's a whole box of spare Wood Elf components beside me I've never thought of u...
by Rizzle
Jun 07 2015 12:19
Forum: Modelling
Topic: [Guide] Visually Distinct Marker Drones
Replies: 2
Views: 1766

[Guide] Visually Distinct Marker Drones Preamble Like many others, the release of the latest Tau codex had me wanting to deploy marker drones in greater numbers than before. This meant converting up a unit and so happy was I with my process that I documented it - largely to help me reproduce it later, but a...
by Rizzle
Jun 03 2015 12:32
Forum: Cadre Building
Topic: Assistance with a 2000 point campaign list
Replies: 13
Views: 2484

Re: Assistance with a 2000 point campaign list

One of the joys I find with the current Tau list is that we have very few poor choices - excluding a small number of Forgeworld oddities, I suppose. A lot of the "tier two" and "B Team" units that don't make it into the tournament grade lists are still competent even if they are ...

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