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by Sen
Sep 03 2008 03:28
Forum: Painting & Artwork
Topic: Help with a "Stealth" Cadre - Some painting/hobby questions!
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Re: Help with a "Stealth" Cadre - Painting

the colours list on the back of the battleforce box lists; scab red, blood red and chaos black.
so it would probably be scab red (there is no overlapping circles so i guess no mixing of colours would be needed).
by Sen
Aug 31 2008 04:50
Forum: Enemy Units & Alternate Systems
Topic: [Guide] Painting Thousand Sons Chaos Marines
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Re: How to guides to Painting my Thousand Sons

Thanks for this tutorial Shadowwalker.
I was getting some issues with the tide marks before, but your guide explains just how to fix this. :)

Your Thousand Sons look amazing, i really like the light-brown and blue combination, and look forward to seeing more pics of your miniatures :)

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