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by modelglue
Sep 01 2016 08:06
Forum: Project Logs
Topic: [WIP] El'mos return to the Greater Good - Stormsurge
Replies: 320
Views: 86777

Re: [WIP] El'mos return to the Greater Good - Air-Caste

Tael wrote:Great update, can only dream of such models in my collection - then the years it would take for me to actually paint them! haha.

I'm with Tael in his sentiment; too many models, so little time. And here El'mo is just smashing through giant flocks of flyers. Geesh.

Jood Gob BTW!
by modelglue
Aug 12 2016 06:36
Forum: Common Workbench
Topic: [Challenge 2016] Research and Development
Replies: 124
Views: 14788

Re: [Challenge 2016] Research and Development

...I was wondering if anyone had a ghostkeel head (variant b) and head ball optics to spare. I would gladly pay postage (I'm in the UK), but I don't want to splash out on the whole model just for the head. Thanks! I am in possession of the part you need, just send me a PM and I'll get it out to you...
by modelglue
Jul 25 2016 09:28
Forum: Membership Profiles
Topic: Arz'ael
Replies: 5
Views: 900

Re: Arz'ael

Location: Canada, the french part of it ...What is your favourite band? Gorillaz Haha, welcome to the forum. I've never been to Quebec (I assume?) but I have recently read a few articles concerning unique architecture; namely the outdoor staircases and elaborate wrought iron work found throughout t...
by modelglue
Jul 20 2016 09:45
Forum: Enemy Units & Alternate Systems
Topic: Age of Sigmar
Replies: 26
Views: 3333

Re: Age of Sigmar

My big question is: Does anyone know of an AoS dedicated forum like ATT... or even better an order/stormcast dedicated one? I've been looking, but I'm not turning anything up. This is the closest I've come: I am not a player/gamer, but I still enjoy reading the ...
by modelglue
Jul 06 2016 07:27
Forum: Project Logs
Topic: Arrow's Fio Log: Building the Arrow Pattern XV8
Replies: 188
Views: 32307

Re: Arrow's Fio Log: Let's Talk DS8!

I'm betting that fillet is a result of injection mold release ease, and probably not an intentional design feature. It might feel sharp and look different than plastic production models (on a subconscious level) to most modellers. :D Either way, I like where you are going with this, particularly the...
by modelglue
Jun 24 2016 08:46
Forum: Modelling
Topic: 3D print extra parts: Stormsurge, Riptide, Piranha, ...
Replies: 120
Views: 38386

Re: [3D] 3D printable parts

Love the missile attachment to the arms, I hope to receive a set from you when you are able to cast. :D
by modelglue
Jun 23 2016 10:52
Forum: Library
Topic: 3rd Sphere Revisited (home brew)
Replies: 24
Views: 4093

Re: 3rd Sphere Revisited (home brew)

That is some great work. I thought I was looking at something official.
by modelglue
May 31 2016 08:46
Forum: Modelling
Topic: How Should I Base My Stormsurge?
Replies: 14
Views: 2501

Re: How Should I Base My Stormsurge?

Oh please... for the love of... Don't wreck that baneblade, you are giving me heart palpitations here. :) I would keep your bases similar, like in option C, but maybe throwing in some Necron tomb elements to sauce things up might be a step in the right direction. P.S. If you are unwilling to home th...
by modelglue
May 31 2016 08:41
Forum: Modelling
Topic: What Are the Best Tau Frisbees?
Replies: 2
Views: 1122

Re: What Are the Best Tau Frisbees?

I would check the dollar store, and you never know with the plethora of items they have you might find something completely unanticipated; that will transform into something awesome for the tabletop. I believe GW's studio used plastic flower pots etc to make their scenery for the various codex snaps...
by modelglue
May 31 2016 08:38
Forum: Membership Profiles
Topic: Guges Returning to 40k
Replies: 4
Views: 687

Re: Guges Returning to 40k

...A toss up between Depeche Mode and the Prodigy. That is some interesting taste. I started paying attention to music when 'Violator' was aired. Prodigy was another big milestone for me which snapped me out of all metal all the time into electronica with 'Fat of the Land'. That was all back when y...

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