Tau Empire Cadre Census

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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#31 » Oct 26 2008 12:29

Just wanted to chime in and say that this thread is awesome, and proffer a few suggestions to keep all our cadres as fluffy as possible.

We don't all have to, but if we want to keep our cadres/forces/fluff within the same bounds of "realism" and congruency with the established fluff by GW, I'd like to ask that we all, as writers and fellow fluff-reading extraordinaires, make a few minor changes in our profiles to reflect this information and these unofficial "rules" of fluff-writing.

1) The Septs are Already Established

A Sept is a cluster of stars/worlds named after the most highly developed star/world in said cluster, and the borders are quite far reaching. Planets conquered/captured in Tau territory would simply be First/Second/Third/Fourth-phase Colonies of the Sept territory they were conquered in. It is still unestablished in actual fluff whether or not a Tau, when born, takes on the name of that individual planet or the Sept he was born in, so we have some leeway here in naming our Commanders after the relatively minor world they were born on.

For those who claim they are from Sept-World Such-and-Such, please know that as far as GW is concerned, all but five or six Septs are already established in current writing. While we are perfectly capable of imagining what those are and everyone is free to write that their own Tau are from those as-yet-unnamed Septs, please know that doing so is akin to claiming your Space Marines are a Second Founding Chapter from one of the two Chapters that have been stricken from Imperial Records, and is generally frowned upon.

Another thing to think about is that if a planet is newly conquered, how did the Commanding Shas'O come to earn that name? Tau are strictly named for the worlds they are born on. Shas'O Kai'ur Ukos could not possibly exist if he was the one who liberated and captured the planet Kai'ur. :roll:

Perhaps we can have a writing contest here to establish exactly what those five or six other Septs are in terms of ATT-Canon. Thoughts?

2) Shas'Os Command Contingents or Higher

Unless there is some overriding and explained force at work explaining why a Shas'O is commanding but a single Cadre, please know that in established Tau fluff, Cadre-Commanders are generally only ever Shas'el. Shas'O are relatively rare in GW fluff, being reserved for commanding entire Campaigns or many Cadres worth of Tau.

For example, in Imperial Armour III: The Taros Campaign, the Tau forces were made up of about eighty Cadres, each commanded by a single Shas'el, with Shas'O R'myr as the "Shas'Uash'O" or High Commander of all the forces on said world. Another example is in the Nimbosa fluff, where Shas'O Ol'nan was in all likelihood the only Shas'O in the system, leading a campaign force comprised of 'borrowed' Cadres led by Shas'els.

On the topic of Shas'Os, there would unlikely be any more than one commanding a single Contingent. The game mechanic of getting to pick two Shas'Os to command your forces in a single game is explained away by the fact that in the rulebook it explains that one game of Warhammer 40,000 is a 'snapshot' of a much larger battle. Where two separate Contingents overlap in an engagement can easily be represented with two Shas'Os fighting in a single game.

3) Battles are Temporary

The Fire Caste Organization called a Kavaal, or Battle, is only a temporary one. Battles are formed, in-theater, by the Commanding Shas'O, out of all available forces in the campaign, to deal with a specific objective or threat. Once that objective or threat has been obtained or neutralized, the Battle is extinguished and the constituent Cadres that made up the force are redeployed back to their previous Commanders/Contingents.

4) Breakway Faction "Rules"

Here are some minor "rules" for writing as a Breakaway Faction.

In established fluff, no two Tau forces have ever engaged one another in direct combat. Shas regularly engage one another in ritual combat, and it's pretty likely that small one-on-one engagements like these could slip through the cracks, but as it stands, no Tau Cadres have spilled the other's blood yet.

Farsight or his forces hasn't actually been seen by "regular" Tau forces since he left the Empire, and Aun'shi is currently (as of ~998.M41) leading an expedition into the Damocles Gulf to find out what he's been up to, but that's about as far as it goes. Shas'ar'tol on T'au would not sanction the creation of a Cadre for the sole purpose of hunting down or engaging schism Tau forces, as there isn't any need - there's no evidence that Farsight has been acting in a way that is directly hostile to the goals of the Empire.

Arthas Moloch has been declared off-limits to Imperial Tau by the Ethereal Caste, but it is still within the Empire borders and as such is also off-limits to Breakaway Tau, who are limited in location to either the Damocles Gulf, the Perdus Rift, or further into Imperium territory.

If your Breakaway Cadre left the Empire prior to, or is set in time chronologically earlier than ~985-998.M41, then they would not have access to more recent technological breakthroughs such as Commerce Protection Fleet/Kor'or'vesh Vessels, XV-25/22s, Tigershark AX-1(8)-0s, DX-6 Remoras, or Forgeworld-chassis Battlesuits. The TX-42, as per its background, is solely being tested by Tau from Sa'cea in Perdus Rift engagements.


This is about all I can think of right off the top of my head.

Hopefully these guidelines help bring everyone's Cadres together in terms of feasibility, in turn promoting increased teamwork and coordination in fluff-writing output and partnerships. ;)

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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#32 » Oct 26 2008 01:12

Doombringer :
You know how I love rules, regulations, and guidelines, and I thank you for putting this up; good thing I don't need to change anything in my fluff, unless you have more fluff about Ke'lshan that you're hiding... May I also add that the "Current Location" field, if you are using the template, should (In my opinion) always be filled in. If you have the "override code" or "access code" that allows you to view the entry, would it then be probable that you have access to that classified information of location?

And here's an easy-out for you! Following Doombringer's fluff guidelines (which, after expansion, may require a Sticky), you may now have a sept that no longer exists... Just use that as your location! You don't have to do much more tinkering, Doombringer doesn't bring down his fluffy hammer (which is harder than it looks...), and it makes your entry more reasonable to boot!

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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#33 » Oct 26 2008 03:27

No, no info about Ke'lshan that I'm hiding. ;)

And yeah, I'd like to begin working on a "Guide to Making a DIY Cadre", similar to that "Guide to Making a DIY Chapter" over at Bolter and Chainsword.

Oh, and I've updated my original post with some more juicy tidbits of info pulled from my repository. Also switched up my Uplink Logs to tell more of a story. :)
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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#34 » Oct 27 2008 12:14

havn't posted in a while- nice to see something happening in the fluff department.

I like the idea of having an ATT Sept- i don't know if more than one should be made up since there are only a couple being hinted at without names, but it would nice to exercise the brain bucket.

ps: Thank you so much, Doombringer, for beginning to list regulations on breakaway cadres.

My own fluff- I run a Coalition that is currently engaged in diverting actions far from even the border of the Third Sphere regions. I realize that typically a single Shas'O leads a single Coalition- however i've written extensively to provide reasoning to have three Shas'O commanding upwards of about 12,000 Tau.


DESIGNATION: Vah'cha "The Great Task" 37 Cadres operating in a Ta'ro'cha pattern style of command with one high 'Shas'O' and two subordinate 'O leading cadres from six different Septs. A single Ethereal, Aun'Ui An'he the 'Everpresent' is chief adviser to the Cadres.

LOCATION: Scattered across the Unknown Regions, specifically the Rra'kyse and Bap'du sectors north of Fi'ri'os.

FOUNDING: Medusa star system during the Fall Back. Cadres are primarily from Tash'Var and an unusually large percentage of N'dras. There are specialist units from such Septs as Ke'lshan, T'olku, a Bork'an personal retinue for Ethereal An'he, and strike teams from Sa'cea.

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shas'Ar'O T'olku Sia'siral Doran'dak'e Ma'rawn "Calmsword"

Calmsword is a somewhat tragic figure in the command structure that was established on Medusa V. In the early days of that campaign his Cadres were continually on the front lines, working alone as many of the other Cadres did, lacking any centralized command due to the enormity of the conflict. After the loss of 35% of his operating forces, Calmsword retreated into the Raeffello Spine, intent on contacting other units in the region and redirecting a concerted attack to ensure safety of the Etheric stations.
After a successful organization was achieved, Calmsword continually lead missions against Airfield 6 and other targets of opportunity, eventually bringing down the 'Hammer' into Ice Station Alpha and allowing for Fio and Shas elements safe retreat from the planet. However, as a result Calmsword lost his ta'lissera brothers Shaa'rif and An'es after the disastrous assault on Hive Sybillas.
During the fallback from the planet, Shadowsun ordered Calmsword to take a sixth of the now defunct Medusa Coalition to distract vengeful Imperial forces from launching a massive and concentrated attack against the Third Sphere gains, such as T'ros. Calmsword has, therefore, outlined a massive, multi-front war against the Imperium and is also attempting to attract other species to the area in the hopes of holding up the huge number of Space Marine chapters and Inquisitional forces which number much more than the Damocles Gulf Crusade possessed.
Since this time, Calmsword has become a recluse, holding little council and demanding complete subservience to his word by his other 'O. Many wonder if he is slowly losing his way. He is constantly on the move in his carrier ship 'Life of Service'.

OFFICERS: Shas'O N'dras Korst'la't'kak Sei'eshcal "Reaper of the Sand": Sei'eshcal made her name leading black-out missions into Imperial space prior to Shadowsun's declaration of the 3rd Sphere. Although no record remains concerning her and her cadres actions in Imperial space, it is rumored that she was charged with attracting Imperial attention away from target worlds by masking her raids as Eldar attacks. Imperial records indicate over sixteen Imperial colonies were lost just before Shadowsun's attacks, zero survivors. She is known for her harsh tactics and grim demeanor, she is the razors edge.
Shas'O Tash'var Co'tash Kar'tyr Go'dar "Enduring Order": Go'dar is old by Tau standards with much of his body replaced by various bionic augmentation. He leads the majority of the Tau Shas in the Great Task Coalition and his task is to hold the line as Calmsword and Sei'eshcal operate smaller, more manueverable, wings to attack and provoke enemies of the Empire. He is taciturn and stoic, a hero a dozen times over across the Empire. A being who has earned his place besides names like Suam'nan and Puretide for his continuing sacrifice for the Greater Good.

Each commander has their own command structure of about 15 subordinate Shas'El each. Although to note- Calmsword himself has only 2 Shas'El under his direct command as he is typically moving from warzone to warzone attempting to accomplish the difficult task of sewing as much disorder to his assigned region.

notable Shas'El
Shas'El T'olku I'lium- Calmsword's second in command and often his personal envoy to operating elements all over both Sectors. He is a veteran of hundreds of conflicts but has differed higher placement to the rank of 'O as he believes he can best serve the Empire under the command of Calmsword.

PERSONNEL: The Great Task Coalition is made up of all castes but it's highest population is firstly Shas then Kor. Fio technicians provide the third largest minority and are always in need as they continually theorize new methods of causing havoc in the Imperium and drawing more and more enemies of humanity into the region. Most notably is Fio'Vre H'shett who was part of the team that developed the Hammer and the Under base on Medusa V.

AUXILIARY: The Kroot Kindred "Yaut'ja" of Pech. Lead by High Shaper Hiakaar and Prime Hunter Mala'kak. There is a single Mal'kor Vesa brood and exactly sixty 'True Believer' Gue'vesa Var'la teams.

CURRENT STATUS: Elements of the Great Task are on four different theaters. Rra'kyse the 'Shadow Belt' is a region of sparse stars but a concentration of migratory Ork clans and Human listening stations which Korst'la'kak has engaged, slowly drawing more and more Orks to come into conflict with human outposts. Bap'du sector was to be attacked during the high point of the 3rd Sphere when Ultramarine forces held back Shadowsun's advance. Now it is a war torn collection of human worlds, waiting for help from Medusa. It was deemed by Calmsword this region be fortified while the human populations driven, but not exterminated, from their own cities. This has resulted in a massive cry for help from the Imperial Governor's and has resulted in a massive redeployment of Astartes and Imperial Guard Regiments.

CURRENT LOCATION: Rra'kyse Shadow Belt region. Bap'du Lost

MISSION STATUS: Heavily Engaged

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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#35 » Oct 27 2008 03:59

This thread has been relocated back to the Upper Concourse following moderator discussion to allow Shas'saal members to continue to participate.

Carry on, carry on.


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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#36 » Oct 28 2008 12:28

Thanks to Doombringer for that very informative post on Tau cadre fluffiness! I'll be making some modifications to my post. Not that much to be changed I hope...
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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#37 » Oct 29 2008 04:15


DESIGNATION:...PROCESSING...<anomalous content found> only Known designation "Savagestrike" cadre
LOCATION:<unknown content deleted>
FOUNDING:<unknown content deleted>
DESIGNATION:...PROCESSING...<anomalous content found> Strike Cadre 00027
LOCATION:Current deployment classified via code 67-1
FOUNDING: Vior'la Prime, date expunged

COMMANDING OFFICER:Shas'o Vior'la Mont'yon Shi'kais Piet'na
-QUERY: Reason behind a Shas'o possessing command?
ANSWER: <unknown>
AUTHORIZATION CODE ACCEPTED. ACCESS GRANTED: To prevent utilization without full comprehension of destructive potential.
OFFICERS:El'Uash'o, El'T'pel, El'Nars'nan <deceased>, Vre'Run'ran, Vre'J'kaara'ka, Vre'R'myr, Vre'Suam'ta, Vre'Xar'taal, Vre'Myen'vral, Vre'Kir'quath, Vre'Kar'tyr... DATA CONTAMINATED... records display three more officers...
-QUERY: Reason for so many officers?
ANSWER: Over extensive personnel base.
-QUERY: Reason personnel is unknown?
ANSWER: <unknown>
NOTE: Size is abnormally large.
AUXILIARY:Kroot, Gue'vesa, Vespid registered. Quantities unregistered.
VEHICLES :Unknown. Registry shows requisition of custom equipment.
CURRENT STATUS:Heavily Engaged
CURRENT LOCATION:<unregistered>

MISSION STATUS:Permanent deployment.

ATTACHED NOTE:Cadre has requisitioned non-proportionate quantities of XV-8s not proportionate to size of force and large quantities of XV-88s. Mostly custom and experimental models.
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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#38 » Oct 29 2008 05:02


DESIGNATION: 17th Armor Intercept Cadre
LOCATION: Rielhios, Desert World in southern Damocles Gulf.
FOUNDING: Created during the Damocles Gulf Crusade to locate and neutralize Imperial Guard Armor and Intercept Imperial Walker scouts.

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shas'O Suam'Nan T'au (lit. Commander Flame Sword)
OFFICERS: Shas'El Eldi'Nan Sa'cea (lit. Knight Wind Sword)
PERSONNEL: 32 Shas'La, 10 Shas'Ui (XV-8)
VEHICLES : 3 Hammerheads, 2 Devilfish APCs
CURRENT STATUS: Raiding Space Marine (Salamanders) fortifications.
CURRENT LOCATION: Gostilios, fighting afformentioned Astartes.

MISSION STATUS: [ACTIVE] Currently successful, light losses, ammunition and supplies are low. Enemy reinforcements not yet intercepted, heavy losses inflicted on enemy armor by XV-8 SunForge Rapid Insertion Teams. Enemy garrisons entrenched in fortifications, possibly awaiting reinforcements. Manta bombardments ineffective against heavy enemy fortifications.

NOTE: Force includes mostly XV-8 teams, very limited infantry due to lack of ability to efficiently wage guerilla warfare.
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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#39 » Oct 30 2008 01:31

*Players note: I have been playing this Cadre since the Codex:Tau was released. Some equipment and personnel has been added over the years.*


DESIGNATION: Mon'Kau 001 (Single Hunter)
LOCATION: Kor'vattra 007
**Note this is an I.O.C. (Independent Operations Cadre) and all references to an individual's sept are erased as they guard all of the Empire. There are now, thanks to the expansion of the Empire, 100 such cadres in operation today. 001 is most noted for always operating at the edge of the Empire closest to the human Imperium.

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shas'O Kias Mont Aloh [Com. Skilled Killer Coldwind (Com. Coldwind)]
*note Shas'O Coldwind is the 122nd commander for this Cadre.
OFFICERS: 10 (1 Aun'El, 1 Shas'O, 2 Shas'El, 6 Shas'Vre)
PERSONNEL: 117 (52 FWs, 24 Pathfinders, 12 XV8s, 5 XV15s, 1 XV25, 6 XV88s, 17 Vehicle Personnel)
VEHICLES : 7 (3 Devilfish Transports, 1 Piranha, 3 Hammerhead Gunships)


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Re: Tau Empire Cadre Census

Post#40 » Oct 30 2008 08:27


DESIGNATION:17º Da'Fio Assault Tio've (17º Assault Kaui'ui, 111º Assault Kaui'ui,114º Heavy Armoured Kaui'ui, 161º Battle Kaui'ui and 75º Battle Kaui'ui)
LOCATION: Near Bellum Lacer Sub-Sector -Da'Fio Frontier

COMMANDING OFFICER: Shas'O Da'Fio Mont'ka M'yen
Ethereal Adjunt: Aun'El Da'Fio O'Res Moun'tyr
Adjunt Officer: Shas'El Da'Fio O'Res Nan (Second In Comand)
Commanding Air Caste Officer: Kor'O Da'Fio Jaakara Moun'tyr
Naval Adjunts Auxilia: Almirant "Kor'El" Memet Poralius.
Fio Caste Asesor: Fio'Vre Da'Fio Kais Res
Auxilia Comanders:
Kroot: Great Shaper Azzuth of Kindred Hand of Blood
Gueve'sa: Gueve'shas'Vre Asonia 3º Brigade of Gueve'shas
Vespid: Tzzarath of the Mal'cor Hive
Hitori: Elder Iraviel leader of 233 º Hitori War Contingent
Cacharodian: Hunter Master Ossari

Vehicles asigned to Cadres (Standard assignament)
4 Hammerheads (Railgun Variant)
2 Hammerhead (Ion Canon Variant)
2 Mont'kas
4 Piraña Light Skimmer
6 Devilsfish (Firewarriors Team)
2 Devilfish (Pathfinder Teams)

Assigned Ground Personnel:
1 Crisis Commander
1 Crisis Executive
4 Crisis BodyGuards
12 Crisis Suits (4 Combats Teams)
48 XV-15 Battlesuits
6 XV-25 Battlesuits
3 XV-88 Battlesuit
60 Firewarriors
12 Pathfinders

Auxilia Armored Group

2 Coral Light Speeder (Hitori War Host)
6 Hitori Bikes (Hitori War Host)
2 Callamaren Heavy Tank (Hitori War Host)
565ª Armoured Company (3 Chimeras, 4 Leman Russ, 1 Destroyer Battle Tank, 2 Griffon Morter Tank, 2 Basilisk Battle Tank)

Auxilia Battle Group

3º Assault Brigade Gueve'Shas
Great Kindred of Blood Hand
233 º Hitori War Contingent
Vespid "Mal'cor" Hive
3 Cacharodian Warbands

CURRENT STATUS:Hunting Gue'la Renegades, and doing search and destroy missions of Genestelers Cults
The 7th Fleet Da'Fio expeditionary patrol near the area to destroy the remaining fleet Imperial and orks expelled from the sub-sector.

CURRENT LOCATION:Bellum Lacer Sub-Sector
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