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ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#1 » Jan 21 2013 01:41


Tau'va, commanders.

It has come to the attention of the ATT Shas'ar'tol that many of our loyal members are stationed on remote planets, and therefore have a hard time meeting up with their fellow tau to play Tactical Simulations of Realistic Combat. This thread is designed to let community members "look for" games in their imperial sector.

A few pointers:
- Post only the contact information that you are comfortable with the entire internet knowing.
- Do not reply to a posting in this thread. Like the rumours thread, this area should be treated like a bulletin board - just the facts with no follow up comments, and replies should be sent through PM.

Cmdr Farsight wrote:Recently moved to a new location. Looking for competitive gaming group around Damocles Gulf area. Orks preferred. Please PM if interested.
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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#2 » Jan 21 2013 03:28

Guess I'll give this a try:

I've been recently rendered unable to attend my normal weekly 40k gaming group due to college schedule. If there is another group in the Bothell area, Washington state, which meets on a Thursday I'm interested.

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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#3 » Jan 21 2013 04:07

Why not!
I'm living in Belgium, Aarschot and I am very willing to expand my gaming group.
If anyone is interested, just let me know.

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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#4 » Jan 21 2013 09:48

I'm in if you are in Las Vegas, Nevada Area I am always looking for games in the the afternoon.
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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#5 » Jan 21 2013 10:50

I live in Pocatello, ID :::(
There is a gaming store about an hour away but I'd be down for any in-town games in the evenings or weekends.

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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#6 » Jan 21 2013 11:14

Madrid, Spain. If anyone is interested, please PM, or e-mail me through my profile. My main LFGS is GW Argüelles.
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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#7 » Jan 21 2013 11:27

This is probably a long-shot, but I'm from Northumberland, UK, and I'm looking to expand the membership of my local gaming club. Details are available via PM.

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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#8 » Jan 21 2013 07:30

I'm from Toronto, Canada. Anyone looking for tau opponents in north york, feel free to let me know!
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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#9 » Jan 21 2013 09:50

Hey, I'm in Perth, Western Australia and play at the Outpost 6030 club in South Perth on Tuesday nights.

If you'd like a game, send me a PM.

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Re: ATT Gamefinder : Post & PM

Post#10 » Jan 22 2013 02:46

May as well take a shot as well! Central Louisiana here, often visit the new gaming shop in Leesville called Nexus Gaming Empire. They cater to warhammer 40k, Magic, and a small (but growing) Warhammer Fantasy community, plus various other box games that the owner's wife brings in. Occasionally go to Now Playing in Alexandria.

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