Custom tau females and "rambo" like guy

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Re: Custom tau females and "rambo" like guy

Post#73 » Apr 08 2017 04:25

"Real" female Tau with hair ?
Maybe long hair are male features for Tau, like our lions' mane and female have close to none. So... maybe Shadowsun is wearing a wig to show better her "alpha of the pack" state :biggrin: .
(OK, this is not real sci-fi so we need thinner faces boobs, long hair and hourglass body shape for any zeno females ... except Tyranids)

Wargame exclusive is not the only one that make Tau models:
A model I started a long ago, at least 3 years but not high on my to-do list (just a "joke" model), so it sits idle on my HDD. Face is a placeholder from an edited human head (model will probably be sold without head as they are difficult to make nice and smooth on Shapeways Frosted and I am worst in organic than mechanic modelling).

Infantry bits is higher on my 3D project to-do list, (cybernetics for Tau for example).
I just need to finish my current projects (Sept symbols and alternate shoulder pads) this summer before moving on them.

TauMan wrote:Just discovered this site, where the company will print anything you design in a 3-D modeling program; but they keep the design to sell to anybody else.

Affordable 3D printing with quality equals to GW plastic or FW resin is not here but not too far.

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