Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

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Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#1 » Jan 26 2016 04:19


Hello Everyone,

If the banner hasn't given it away, word out is ATT is 10yrs old. As of January 26th, 2016 we have been a decade online and full of Tau goodness gathered and posted by our members. I wanted to take a moment, thank you all from admin through to the newest member, for your contributions, humour and creativity over a decade. We're about content and creativity, rules change; but the basics of the hobby remain. :)

We've created the Academy, refined the Fish of Fury and Mech Tau, helped build an impressive Tau Lexicon of Acronyms and created endless variations of Battlesuits when there no new kits to speak of. Alien auxiliary, cadres in the hundreds (amazing database by n1md4), fiction worthy of the Black Library and superb creations by talented artists in paint, sketches and watercolour.

Forum jokes such as the Poor Poor Space Molemen (PPSM), Happy Tau Sushi, Orbital Strike Hammer, ATT in The City concept and more have given a depth to our history. Below is a review of our Banners over time, including the yearly April Fools attacks we've enjoyed.

But first, a unique message from myself - a quick 5mins discussing origins, the people, hobby online and the future of ATT:


The Site Founders:

Shas'O T0nkaTruckDriver Site Founder.
Por'O (Ret.) Orange-Bell Site Founder.
Kor'O P'Shar's Rifles Site Founder.
Fio'O Tael Site Founder.

Full team listed here, the awesome admins of ATT :D


Then, something special, reveal when you've seen the above..

Happy Birthday Advanced Tau Tactica, and thank you to every member and the ever supportive admin team mods! Stay tuned for a particularly fun year!

[spoiler=]Standard landing page with online users, latest posts in columns and quick profile links to favourite content:

Floating tool box of quick use links and messages:

Collapsible tabulated forums, display only the content sections you want to read:

Colour coded ranks, border showcase and general details:

Post thread columns, clean interface with "tools on hover" interaction (See next image below)

All photos will be resized to fit, with hotlinks to original image ;)

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#2 » Jan 26 2016 05:26

Happy Birthday ATT !

A big thanks to the Founders who set this (relatively) bright place in the grimdarkness of 40K forums ;)
And a big thanks too at all the people who boarded their Orbital, their cargo hold full of beautiful and deadly armies, nice engineered and painted models with great tips, great artistic graphic and writing skills, experiences from years of drifting in the 40k currents of space and wisdom of speaking to everyone as equals. And to the rebellious folks who are proud of their independence but joins us when the real battles begins.

I am eager to see the new paint job of our station, hoping that no kroots will get his claws on a green paint bucket ...

One of my best ATT moment:
When I discovered the old, lengthy, Academy Tactics with its great articles on the use of the different codex units back when the 5th ed started (and the long wait for the best codex update 40K have IMHO).
From then, I started to really play and win after months of struggling to understand the Tau armory.

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#3 » Jan 26 2016 05:44

Happy birthday to everyone! Not many forums so specialized survive this long. I would like to thank the admin team for their continuous support of the site, and all members for creating and updating the content that keep this site relevant and active. For ten more years of tau goodness! (or until GW collapses, whatever happens first :P )

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#4 » Jan 26 2016 05:49

Cheers ATT! A decade is a long (and so horribly short...) time. Thank you Tael and the whole team for... well, this place; the fact that it exists. That's because of you.

I for one am stoked about the new site, it looks great and I can't wait to see all it in action.

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#5 » Jan 26 2016 07:18

Happy birthday ATT! To think I've actually been around for most of that time is a strange sensation.
My thanks to the team, especially Tael, who inspired me to start converting. Without ATT this Tau journey wouldn't have brought me as much fun as it does.

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#6 » Jan 26 2016 07:22

Happy Birthday all. Don't eat too much cake or you won't fit in your battlesuits.
Thanks for the great resource. I love combing the forums and seeing which way the current winds are blowing for the Greater Good.

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#7 » Jan 26 2016 07:41

Happy Birthday to ATT!

Thank you all to the Mods and creators of this amazing resource for the Tau Empire.
Each must find their own way...
-Commander Farsight

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#8 » Jan 26 2016 08:30

Registered user since 2014, but only got involved recently; certainly feel new here.

Congrats on the 10 years! Here's to many more ::cheers:: :biggrin:

p.s. love the banners! Didn't realise there were so many! Definitely keep that up.

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#9 » Jan 26 2016 10:00

Congrats on 10 years: )

The best Tau site on the net by a long shot!
Shas'O Kais Vay Shone’nan

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Re: Advanced Tau Tactica, 10yrs Old Today - Happy Birthday!

Post#10 » Jan 26 2016 12:09

Congratulations and thank you for years of inspiration and community.

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