XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

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Re: XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

Post#55 » Sep 23 2016 06:27

Bolter&Rail wrote:Thanks. It does specifically say just for the phase (movement phase), but the nova profile just adds to the confusion by saying when the model is Swooping. Regardless it would be too mean. They should have just said the XV109 can move up to 24inches every other turn. Isn't that the only benefit you are getting? No reason to call it a FMC or anything...

The nova reactor stuff is partly outdated. Just ignore the parts that make no sense with the current rules. ;)

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Re: XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

Post#56 » Sep 23 2016 01:45

As we speak the next forgeworld book is being made and it covers Tau and mechanicum. In this book we will get new rules for the XV-9, XV-109, and XV-107. Don't worry about it for now.

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Re: XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

Post#57 » Sep 23 2016 06:48

Ooh I can't wait! Do we know a release date yet?
We gave them a chance at the greater good, now they die

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Re: XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

Post#58 » Sep 24 2016 05:35

Fires of Cyraxus might be shown off on the European FW open day and released soon after. This is just my speculation of course since it was said to release late this year. I hope the 107 and XV9's gets a buff and the 109 stays the same or possibly gets another buff.

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Re: XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

Post#59 » Sep 25 2016 02:55

If anything the XV-9 Hazard class need to go to another place in the force org chart probably elite would be a good choice as if you want ghostkeels and riptides there are formations that will smooth your itch for cheese.

The 107 R'vana needs to be redone as far as giving us back AP3 it needs it to stay relavant AP4 does not cut it in this meta.

Hazard suits have A LOT of things wrong with them. (A lot has changed since 4th edition for these guys)
1. Points it's too costly 100 points for 1 model is inconceivable
2. It's not fast enough to start on the board it needs to go into reserves.
3. The power of their weapons are really mediocre. I see no reason to take any weapons options besides the burst cannons.
4. They are the most hardened suicide squads ever and they are only BS3 the only change to them is WS3 and a extra T. That is not enough to justify takeing these.

I love the models I love the story behind them I just don't see any reason to take them they are way behind and have not been uptades for at least 6-7 years.

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Re: XV-109 Y'vharra battlesuit strategys

Post#60 » Nov 25 2016 02:19

So just to add one thing from the Final FAQ - the overwatch on the flamer is just D3 regardless of Heavy 2 profile. Best to use it in single-shot mode unless facing 2+ saves.

As for use in games I have had a slightly mixed experience. It has never been bad but it really needs the right opponent before it truly shines.

Against Daemons I found it worth having but in all honesty not worth the points increase over a riptide.

By contrast against a rather nasty Eldar D-spam list it was absolutely fantastic. MVP by a wide margin as it exploited space at the flank and rear of the Eldar force to assassinate one key unit per turn while still positioning to claim Maelstrom points. The riptide simply lacked the mobility to avoid destruction in this game - the XV109 danced around the Wraithguard even though they were in the Detachment/Formation combination that lets them move 12" per turn.

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