New Tigershark?

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Re: New Tigershark?

Post#31 » Nov 25 2016 08:42

We do have FTL... Phil Kelly is just a ________ that tends to prefer ________ atop an island of iceberg lettuce topped with ________ for every meal.

Seriously the guy is torching Tau fluff every chance he gets. And will be getting a future book of ours.

The Tau have FTL, they skim the warp as per (Fantasy Flight, Specialist Games, the new BFG game, Forgeworld and 3/4ths of BL novels). Anything that says they don't doesn't understand how big space is.
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Re: New Tigershark?

Post#32 » Nov 26 2016 05:26

Regretably, it was our codex that said so...
And Phill already wrote Farsight: Crisis OF Faith so we should prepere to burn again.

On the contrary from info that I salvaged from forge world seminar discussions, tau on the offencive side in the new IA. They invade lost forge world or something

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Re: New Tigershark?

Post#33 » Nov 26 2016 01:20

come back and see this new web design ... plus every post still intact. Love it!!!

On another note, bloody sweet surprise. First barracuda, now the tigershark. It gives me pleasure and hope for the orca to have a return with a new design. Looking forward to this new line.

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Re: New Tigershark?

Post#34 » Nov 26 2016 07:06

I'm praying for the Manta. If they updated I'm impulse buying it hahah.

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