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Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 02:38
by Tael
Hi All,

Welcome to ATT and the latest forum software.

I have put together a very brief introduction and tool guide on Youtube here:


New Tools

The main tool is the Quick Link feature, occasionally you'll browse the Board Index if you're new, eventually your subscriptions and New Post links will be how you interact going ahead (that and Notifications).

We are now Social Media friendly!

Upper right of every post, click the arrow in box icon and you will have Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and Google+ to place the post into your feeds.

Images Resize Automatically

No more Mods prodding you for forum sized images, simply add, let the software resize and even link to your original file as a linked larger image.

Space Gremlins

Anything odd or quirky PM myself, Tael, and I'll space any issues. There's bound to be the odd link or image not appearing properly despite combing through the forum before release.

Key things to note;

Classic Three Column format is not supported by new phpBB, so we have the more modern vertical style. We had hoped to carry it forward, but the code is not supported and the examples available were very.. very sub-par.

Ranks have had a change of settings in the new forum software. So I will be addressing new ranks and assigning them to appear under your avatar appropriately. (Shas'la instead of Shas etc)

After some deliberation we have chosen to adopt an inverted colour way, this should be less straining on a majority of users eyes with better contrast and clarity. I will endeavour to make a "Classic" edition style in future if desired.

Big thank you to Pshar'Rifles, our skilled Kor'O commanding the technical upgrade and supporting new artwork and icons being modded into the forum.

Thank you for your patience everyone, I hope you enjoy the more media savvy format.

Fio'O Tael.

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 03:08
by Panzer
Not yet used to it but I think I like it. :)
Good work everyone.

Edit: a small issue i noticed. The button to return to the main page doesn't go over the whole banner range on top of the forum (ends about the point where the "Tau Tactica" part begins).

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 03:19
by Kakapo42
I'm... not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand I really like the new boarder around the central column, I feel like it has a really nice old-school 3rd edition Tau retro feel to it (and as someone who considers the late 3rd edition period to be the pinnacle of GW, that is a very good thing), but on the other hand there's one small detail in the upper left corner of the background wallpaper that has thrown all my carefully laid plans into jeopardy. :(

Now to go around and get properly acquainted with the station's new internal layout and start planning how to defend it from the inevitable horde of villainy that'll arising from the changeover come April...

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 05:20
by Shas'O Darklighter
It's good to be back, though I'm scared I might brake something! I feel this might take longer to get used to than a new edition of 40k!

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 06:00
by Valaas
New look is great, time to have an explore.

Great job :biggrin:

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 06:48
by Tael
Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback, check out the various features, any issues scoot me a PM :)

I'm going to fill out a couple of the new profile sections and boost everyones ranks to their appropriate setting.

If you want to change your rank title from Shas>Fio>Kor>Por etc scoot me a PM.

- Tael

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 06:57
by Kael'yn
First look: nice and modern.
Still have some issues (outside of fresh paint odour):
Coloured boxes instead of small icons (icecat on Android 5.0)
Thread order seems strange, but maybe it is just because I didn't found the sort settings
Back background with thin white letters need me to increase screen backlight, reducing the battery charge more quickly. Deep desaturated blue and light blue could have been contrasted enough without using both sides of the luma slider (and we are not a black templar forum).
More text colour option is nice.

Still looking to get my marks on our new orbital, but the change is welcome and well done.

Now looking from my computer (Win7 with Firefox), the "boxes" seems to be character codes that are not interpreted ("Quick links" small icon before is UTF16 character code "F0C9", ...).
Internet Explorer uses the correct characters ... I think replacing these unicode letters by small icons will be better for interoperability (old browsers, ...)
Blueish background with Hex pattern is better on my computer browser. I don't know why it doesn't appear on my phone.

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 08:16
by Tael
Thanks for the feedback Kael'yn; good point on the luma - already been tweaking it further. ;)

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 01:46
by Deet
Wow, sexy. Nice work guys.

Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Posted: Nov 09 2016 03:56
by SniperTau
Wow. this looks amazing. This is quite the change as I was just getting used to the old on. looks amazing though