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Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Post#31 » Apr 15 2017 05:28

Any chance you could look at drop in a more... frilly version of the spoiler tag code? The current code doesn't appear to have a syntax to support multiple spoiler blocks in a single post. I was hoping to use multiple spoilers provide inline commentary/justification to custom rules in the shiny new Experimental Rules Lab. Consider it writing in the margins for those that might want to see my working :D

To demonstrate, this one works...
For the record, I also tried using a =tag to ID each block. Some BBCode supports that, but it appears to not work in this case

... and all subsequent blocks create a button that controls the first block instead!

Like so

And so

Which is a pity, as it means you can't currently read this chunk, wherein I express my gratitude for Tael's seemingly tireless efforts supporting and developing this community, alongside the contributions of Pshar'Rifles and the other noble O's keeping this orbital in relative peace.

Separately, it looks like the presence of a quote block breaks the spoiler tag completely.
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Re: Welcome to ATT 2016

Post#32 » Apr 15 2017 06:24

Thanks for the heads up, fiddling with code this weekend for the header graphic also.

This spoiler one looks to be a version issue with PHP - I am trying to find a work around as Li'yot has brought it up before :)

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