Dude where's my Rank?

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Dude where's my Rank?

Post#1 » Nov 10 2016 07:58

Hi All,

One hurdle in the transfer to new forum software from a decade old format was Ranks had a reset based on post count. This is an inbuilt feature that phpBB look to have insitgated based on how user modded their forums over the last decade.

Suffice to say, some folks with great contributions and high rank, often have low post count. So if you have discovered your Rank is incorrect or fully titled eg. Shas'Saal, Shas'la etc (Kor, Fio, Por, Kroot, Vespid etc)

PM me directly. :)

I am also correcting folks Ranks as I browse the site each day, catching as many posters I spot with this issue :)

Thanks for your patience all

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