Best starting point to get back in the game.

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Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#1 » Dec 01 2016 10:06

Hi guys, i wanted to get back in the game, i am already reading the new BRB and i was wondering which was the best starting point for a brand new army.
I have to say that i am already reading the codex, and i hope to have some spare time to get into Farsight Enclave, by the way i was wondering about a starting point and i think that i'll buy 2 Start Collecting! Tau Boxes plus a Commander, do you think this is a good idea or would you suggest something else?

Share your thoughts ( also i'd like some advise about farsight enclave).

Shas'o signin out.

EDIT: i will also like to know your thoughts about the Ethereal, are they viable and useful?
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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#2 » Dec 01 2016 10:50

Sounds like to me you have a pretty good idea of a starting point.

Is good to find out how many Points your gonna be playing with you local crew if you have one at all.

Example my crew plays 1850 points, so I know I need at least that many to play the game. While some places play lower points so that is a good thing to keep in mind.

Codex is a good start, The getting started box set is great as well, I would get a riptide that is a model that is used a lot in game.

Ideally as a tau player you want three riptides to run the Formation Riptide Wing.

I say get the codex and the gettign started boxes. Then start building and sharing your progress with us on ATT :)

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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#3 » Dec 01 2016 11:44

You do seem to have a good starting point, the start collecting box is a good deal. Maybe don't get a commander right at the beginning, not that it's a bad choice, it's a good one, but since you already have a HQ choice you could consider getting a Riptide/Ghostkeel or a Heavy Support choice instead.

Shaso97 wrote:EDIT: i will also like to know your thoughts about the Ethereal, are they viable and useful?

They are very useful, their elemental abilities can help almost any unit, and then there's the leadership 10 bubble. I use them quite a lot. While I can't speak about the highly competitive games, they are very effective at any other level.

Demorte wrote:Ideally as a tau player you want three riptides to run the Formation Riptide Wing.

I think this depends on what type of games you play. If you play in tournaments and other highly competitive games then definitely use this, as it makes a great unit even better. However if you play a casual game and bring this, you won't be very popular.

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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#4 » Dec 01 2016 04:16

Thanks for the replies guys!
I think i have to read again the ethereal part in the codex, i thinked that the commander was a "must have" But yeah i'll already have 2 Ethereal, do you guys think i have to sell one of them or i could use the other one in some other way?
I'll check the riptide/HS and post something about it.
Aldo thoughts about FE? And what about war zone Damocles?
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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#5 » Dec 01 2016 04:30


I can't stress that enough. Check over all the armies you can play. Double check. Read up about any that have you interest in. Cool fluff? Cool models? Check out all of those armies that tick those boxes for you.

Still set on Tau? Welcome to the Greater Good.

A few things about collecting. This is a hobby as much as it is a game. There's no such thing as having "too many models". It'll be OK for you to collect multiple models. At times you may not use all of them, but it's nice to have a large selection to chose from at the end of the day. First thing first, what do you plan to do with your army? What is your goal? Figure that out first. Once you do, start putting together lists that you would want to run with that in mind. The last thing you want to do is to start collecting, assembling, and painting an army that does not do what you think it does. It'll feel real bad. :(

Lastly, once all of that is done and you know what you want and have the right expectations, you may start collecting. At this point you'll be trying to hunt for good deals to help you save money while you build your collection. The start collecting boxes are an excellent way to do this. There is a larger bundle coming out later this month that you may want to pick up as well that could save you some cash in the long run. ... -sets.html

Might be worth it to look around at other websites too. This is the easier part of the process but requires some patience too. If you have plenty of disposable income it won't be too difficult, but saving money feels great.

As far as painting goes, you'll probably find a wealth of knowledge on these boards and there's plenty of videos on youtube too. GLHF.
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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#6 » Dec 01 2016 06:39

Edit: I just realized that the post above mentioned the holiday box ;D

Also keep in mind there is a Tau holiday box coming soon. It's $200 where I am and saves you $150.

It's called something like Advanced Reconnaissance Cadre.

Comes with:
Stealth team
10 pathfinders

Maybe a get started box and that Recon box would be a great start. Throw a riptide in with those two and that's a great way to start, good chunk of change though ;p

Really depends on what you're going for. The Recon box will likely come with a formation that uses everything in the box, however there is no way to make a CAD out of what's in that box alone; as there are no troops in it.

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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#7 » Dec 17 2016 12:58

The Targeted Reconnaissance Cadre would be a good box to start with. The Start Collecting box might be another good compliment, but with FE you field your suits as troops so you don't technically need any FWs. What you might want though is "The Eight" which is a FE formation of Farsight and his BFFs, the TRC box gets you a good chunk of the way there with a commander and broadside, but you'd still need a riptide, farsight, and 4 additional commanders which all have prescribed loadouts and wargear (GW even shows it as pic 3 on the codex store page: ... laves-2016) Which I mean you can basically do with 4 crisis suits, but depending on your wallet and desire to get fancy might be the simplest option instead of buying 4 commander kits, in which case getting the Starter box leaves you 1 battlesuit short. The way GW has been churning out bundles though I'd almost suggest just buying whats in bundles and waiting for the next thing to hit before expanding your collection further: nothing kicks you more than spending a bunch of money on miniatures to just find a few months later they're selling it all as a package for far less money.

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Re: Best starting point to get back in the game.

Post#8 » Dec 17 2016 04:28

The box sets from GW are generally really good value and the current Tau sets - Start Collecting and Targeted Reconnaissance Cadre - work really well together to give you a solid base for a collection.

Because we are all different the good advice from @AnonAmbientLight would have been terrible advice for me. The alternative approach is to get stuck in with some paint schemes until you are happy enough with one that you want to paint your whole collection that way; to get some models on the table in small games and learn there which ones you enjoy and what style of Tau you want to play.

The Ethereal is both viable and useful, although less so as games get larger and/or more competitive in nature. The clarification that their powers do not work from inside a Devilfish hurt the Aun, that is certainly true. I still use an Ethereal in tournament games, I just avoid making him my warlord as giving up 1VP on such an easily killed character is enough - no need to give up Slay the Warlord as well.

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