Questions about Kroot shapers and shamans

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Questions about Kroot shapers and shamans

Post#1 » Dec 09 2016 03:24

Hey guys,

I've posted this question elsewhere but haven't had any luck finding answers. I guess it would've made more sense to post it here first. Anyway: Where can I find the rules for Kroot Shapers? I have the Tau codex 7th edition but couldn't find anything about the shapers (beyond their cost, stats and pulse rifle options - no special rules). I've also seen people talking about Kroot Shamans, which are the only psykers Tau can currently field. However, are these official or fan-made rules? I can't find any mention of this in the codex either and I'd like to know how to field them if I can. If the shamans are kosher, can I field them in Kill Team? To my understanding, any rules representing the benefits Kroot gain from eating slain foes are also fan-made, right?

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Re: Questions about Kroot shapers and shamans

Post#2 » Dec 09 2016 10:16

Kroot Mercenaries used to have a separate Chapter Approved army list (back in the day), so all the references you've heard are either references to that original list, or to the fan-made updates which have been made since support for the list was discontinued.

If you want to know more, have a look at the Fandexes from Kompletely Kroot:

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Re: Questions about Kroot shapers and shamans

Post#3 » Dec 11 2016 10:54

You found everything there is to the Shaper. It's simply the Kroots 'Champion'/'Sergeant'/whatever. No cool special rules to him.

The Shaman is fanmade and not part of the official Tau rules. There are rules for him in the fanmade Kroot codex afaik and in the Heralds of Ruin Killteam.

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