Why not more tanks?

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Re: Why not more tanks?

Post#21 » Dec 19 2016 03:08

Well the tidewall fortifications really fit that role quite a bit. I'd say a heavy tank that can carry the heavy rail cannon would be an obvious choice.

Finally I want to see a dirt cheap transport that is open topped and can carry up to 6 soldiers.
I believe I saw some converted piranha chassis' for this purpose.
From GW I would love to see a hovering flyer stealth attack spaceship. It would function like a stealth Apache Gunship. Kit would make two variants one with more firepower and one that has reduced firepower for 5-10 person troop capacity. I think the Commanche Gunship in real life is the perfect analog to Tauify.
I mean the Manta can hover....
Also in a weird twist of fate I want to see the Tau get an actual dedicated artillery platform. It would basically be larger more powerful smart missile system. 4d6 shots. Str 6 ap 4 with the usual sms rules. Can be upgraded to carry a pair of destroyer missiles for 15 points each. This would be a Tau MRLS system. Can be upgraded with HEAT rockets that replaces its weapon with 1d6 shots Str 7 ap 3. Both have a range of 72 inches. The vehicle need to be deployed and can be rammed and destroyed like the Stormsurge. I'm toying with giving the base anti-infantry weapon an upgrade to upgrade its rockets to plasma fire so basically super napalm rockets but can't think of rules.
I don't really see what differentiates it in role from the Storm Surge.

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Re: Why not more tanks?

Post#22 » Dec 19 2016 04:09

I'm afraid I'm going to have to step in here everyone. As fun as it might be to speculate, please remember to follow forum rules and guidelines. ATT does not condone wishlisting.

If you want to showcase your ideas better, why not see if you can convert a suitable model and post a project log about it in the hobby section? Otherwise, let's keep the discussion here based around what we can do with the current vehicle lineup.
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Re: Why not more tanks?

Post#23 » Dec 20 2016 08:12

Kakapo42 wrote:I'm afraid I'm going to have to step in here everyone. As fun as it might be to speculate, please remember to follow forum rules and guidelines. ATT does not condone wishlisting.

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Re: Why not more tanks?

Post#24 » Dec 20 2016 02:28

Well I can say this from the huge live stream they have implied all large factions will be getting at least one new model this year. Later this year (second half) will be right on queue for a Tau update. The new campaign book announced (and many many more models) is the Fall of Cadia. Featuring plastic Saint Celestine. At this point the only thing that would astound me more is plastic Kroot Mercenaries or Demiurg.

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Re: Why not more tanks?

Post#25 » Dec 30 2016 01:31

I have played a somewhat successful semi-competitive setup with the AIC, CAD, and Ghostkeel Wing. The Ghostkeel Wing's additional Stealth buff to the DPods is great, and the Battlesuits are big enough to give a 5+ cover screen and block Assaults. If you can grab a ruin to hide behind then the vehicle gets a 2+ Cover Save. I run a CAD with Tetras for Markerlights to keep with the mechanized theme, and give one Tetra in each unit a DPod. Barring an "Explodes!" Result on the damage table, this give the lead Tetra an effective 12 Hull Points, if you can keep their low profile behind a ruin. Without an answer to Psychic Deathstars (due playing with the ITC Formation limit) I haven't pushed this setup farther than semi-competitive. I have a few drafts for a GkW and Dawnblade with a Skysweep and the same principle, that allows an anti-Psychic Detachment, but have not had the time to play it yet. Hammerheads and Skyrays are way better when they never have to jink, and can shrug off 1 in 6 of the enemies successful hits.

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