Shadow War: Armageddon announced

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Shadow War: Armageddon announced

Post#1 » Mar 15 2017 07:07

As per the Games Workshop community blog, the next Citadel boxed game/gateway product has been announced at the Gama Trade Show, for release in April.

Why am I delurking to post this here? Two reasons:
  1. It's a small scale skirmish game, explicitly based on the Necromunda system to some (unknown) degree
  2. Every 40k faction are listed as participants, including the Firecaste's finest

Quite how the Tau will factor in to the excitement on Armageddon - or, indeed, what is actually going on there - hasn't been discussed yet. This looks like the small game 'on ramp' for new armies before taking on 40k proper. The linked post lists several existing kits that make plausible starting points for a team in this system.
The Tau Pathfinder box is our box of choice, so hopefully their range toys will be present and useful in the rules. The trailer also includes 3 members of a Strike team, toting pulse rifles.

I'm not holding my breath for particularly engaging background details for us in the intended setting, though. My gut feeling is that this will suffer from the 'Mordheim Problem', in which the several factions turn up simply because Stuff Is Happening rather than any particularly considered rationale. That said, I'm so very ready for a skirmish system with RPG elements in the 40k'verse and would gladly craft a setting for the gangs my friends and I field.

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Re: Shadow War: Armageddon announced

Post#2 » Mar 15 2017 08:09

Afaik it's supposed to be based on Necromunda which is pretty awesome.
Can't wait to try some Kroot depending on how good the rules are. :D

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Re: Shadow War: Armageddon announced

Post#3 » Mar 15 2017 09:35

I suspect that the rules allow different armies to clash, not that Armageddon has become the next Kronus, with every galactic power sending an army.

I'm a fan of smaller games -- Combat Patrol and the like. Color me intrigued. Once I read just how robust the rules for non-Blood Angels, non-Ork teams are, I may pick up a copy.

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Re: Shadow War: Armageddon announced

Post#4 » Mar 15 2017 07:56

My hope is that they differentiate it from Kill Team, which for me felt closer to a slightly broken down form of 40k-lite.
I still remember the old Necromunda rules of hiding, shooting into melee, ammo jams, overwatch etc...
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