Petition for Tau Orca

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Re: Petition for Tau Orca

Post#11 » Apr 22 2017 04:51

Not gonna lie, I'd buy it.....if it were in plastic and if we had rules that actually make flying transports worthwhile. As long as it's in resin with the current rules there are a ton of other things I'd rather buy...including whole new armies.
And yes I'm one of those who didn't sign the petition. Not a fan of Forgeworld resin for bigger models at all.

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Re: Petition for Tau Orca

Post#12 » Apr 22 2017 06:08

You might have better luck drawing a 3D model instead. Due to the boxy design, it should be easy to draw and it can be printed in 0.1mm layer FDM printer and still look good after some thicker paint job and a bit of sanding. The way they did it with resin makes me wanna pull my hair out... No regard for thin wall, making it heavy AF just so it's easier to make molds for it.

Otherwise, I don't like FW rules being split into several books and being outdated an edition or two, an updated pdf on the website is preferable.

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Re: Petition for Tau Orca

Post#13 » Apr 22 2017 11:20

I have tried to spread the petition around a few facebook sites where I am involved and hopefully we will get some more interest.

Fellow members of the Tau Empire, a challenge lies before us and we humbly request your assistance.

It has been too long since the skies where graced by the roar of our mighty Orca shuttle carrying our warriors in defence of The Greater Good.

Too long have evil merchants tried to extort a high price for ancient and damaged Orca in the E'bay system.

The time is right to try to correct this wrong. Hasten, all loyal Caste members, to the following spacial coordinates and let the voice of the Fire Caste be heard.

Tau'va ... on=minibar

AnonAmbientLight wrote:What they probably did was look at how many people were buying them vs making and storing them and decided to discontinue the model.

If the 40 or so petitioners wanted the Orca, they would have bought it within the last couple of years it was available. Ebay will probably have them if you really want them.

Peoples opinions and personal circumstances change. I would not have contemplated buying one when they where available but now, with having more interest in the fluff and a little more disposable income it would have become a welcome centrepiece to my collection. It was officially discontinued in 2014

A little internet searching shows one which went for $375 in 2015 on eBay and a Chinese firm selling knock off copies for $450

Also bear in mind that the Manta is still available and I do not believe they have sold a massive amount of these.

I still hope and believe that at some point a new mold will be produced along the lines of the Barracuda and Tiger shark and keeping FW in the loop that there is still interest cannot hurt.

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Re: Petition for Tau Orca

Post#14 » Apr 22 2017 07:12

El'mo wrote:Also bear in mind that the Manta is still available and I do not believe they have sold a massive amount of these.

The Manta is only make-to-order to my knowledge, so FW isn't really losing any money in having it on their store. The Orca on the other hand, was probably not make-to-order, so having stock would cost them money, and if it wasn't selling well when we Tau players couldn't afford it, then they may have evaluated that it be better gone than on the shelf. Still, I, like many others, would love to see the Orca resurface with a new model. I was never fond of the Orca model, so I'd be extatic to see an update for its design, but hopefully not too different from the initial idea.
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