Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#11 » May 14 2017 03:25

[1] is a good point, I'd forgotten about any off-earth resources. It does seem like they could put together a fairly large army in a few years, especially if they've stopped repairing civilian infrastructure. I still think that a consistent doubling in industrial output every is unfeasible (but not a generationnal doubling of capability), but unsustainable exploitation seems possible (and fittingly grimdark)

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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#12 » May 14 2017 03:33

When looking at the current (3rd sphere) map, it seems that expansion is not an all-around movement, more like a growing extension somewhere in the Empire.
1st expansion: growing around T'au
2nd expansion: growing around T'au but more to the "south" of the Empire (if "south" means anything in 3D)
3rd expansion: probably launched by T'au, Vior'la, Sa'cea and Dal'yth to the "north".
So the Empire may have been launching new 4th and 5th Expansion fleet from other parts of the Empire (2nd Sphere septs and/or 1srt sphere Bork'an, Fal'shia, D'yanoi, ...) in other directions. These fleets could have been build alongside the 3rd, but this one was the first to be launched and the other were probably still being built/or in transit to their expansion rendez-vous point.

With a growing empire, the number of direction they can expand is growing too. So multiple and simulataneous expansion fleet are likely.
Plus, strategically, it is ridiculous to expand the Empire borders equally all-around, better launching your fleet to clusters of star systems to colonize quickly them. So the expansions "spheres" are probably spatially spherical only in their growth from their destination point.

The problem remain the travel speed. 4th is lost in the Warp, so they may be (or not) far away and/or splitted.
Until GW retcon our limited speed for the new spheres, Tau cannot spread far and quickly.
It is likely we have, or are on the verge to have, FTL travel: Bor'kan is an academic sept, Fal'shia made many innovations, Elsy'eir is creative, Vash'ya has skilled Air caste, ... Sa'cea, Viorla, are more military than engeener, so their fleet may not have the latest innovations (ideas spread too at the speed of light before FTL travel).
Even with FTL, recon flight and observation takes time until you launch a new expedition in unknwon areas.
3rd Sphere seems to be oriented toward clusters of imperium systems on the other side of Damocles, "discovered" when interrogating prisoners/turncoats from the 1st Crusade, so it can be planned quicker.

Problems concerning resources (raw material, people, and, the more important, energy) are minor if fleets have been being built from a few decades back in the past.

I expect new spheres to be launched in other direction than Damocles, assembled from other parts of the Empire that are more technically innovative than the current more military septs involved in the Damocles crusade and subsequent colonization in the retaliation move.
I want FTL travel, new battlesuit/vehicle designs, new auxiliaries, ...

And a real 3D map from GW.
I tried to do one in the past, but with little infos, only maps from 2 point of view and some fluff, it is hard to place correctly all the Tau Septs:
(The red arrow is the Tyranid invasion, not Damocles Crusade: its arrow would have been on the "top" of the empire)

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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#13 » May 28 2017 12:07

My T'au army will be Grey and white like hammerhead sharks. Oddly enough I'm going to have my faction be a part of the 4th expansion fleet that got wisked away by the storms and pretty much allied themselves with a human world. Going to have old-school artwork like on the ww2 planes on my transports.

Gonna be known as the Halnaan Hammerheads. Might even model up some militarium tempestus with T'au weaponry as well.

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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#14 » May 28 2017 12:27

One thing I think people are neglecting is the temporal factor. It's possible that a 4th sphere fleet lost in the 40k could exit the warp at the end of old night, just in time to participate in 30k. Tau are a young race, have we considered it possible that their rapid development is because they encountered ethereals from their own future?

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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#15 » May 28 2017 12:45

deathboon wrote:Tau are a young race, have we considered it possible that their rapid development is because they encountered ethereals from their own future?

Yes, yes we have.
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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#16 » May 28 2017 08:22

That's awesome, I meant that discussion of the possibility was absent from this thread, but that is a great story. I've always felt that the time distorting aspects of the warp were severely underplayed be GW. To date they've only been used to ressurect previously thought to be extinct chaos warbands. But the potential is far greater.
I'd love to see something akin to the recent Star Trek movie reboot. For example what if Ahriman went back in time to prevent himself from casting the Rubric, or even to prevent Magnus from breaching the golden throne chamber with his psychic projection and causing the burning of Prospero.

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Re: Fifth Sphere Expansion: 8thed Tau Fluff

Post#17 » May 28 2017 10:15

I guess the Tau High Command didn't send EVERY disponible war-ready material in the 4th Expanse - it would be unwise, after all. I'd say the 4th Expanse was smaller than the previous ones, probing the space in and beyond the Gulf, looking for potential threats. Then, the Great Rift appeared and took it away.
The 5th Expanse would be basically the backbone of the 4th, but now separated. THIS force would be way larger than the 4th.

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