Equiping Ghostkeel

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Re: Equiping Ghostkeel

Post#19 » Jun 26 2017 01:46

Arka0415 wrote:These weren't targeted nerfs, designed to make Tyranid players switch armies or anything, but rather the effects of poor balancing, incompetent writing, and lack of imagination. I'm sure that Cruddace and the other Tyranid writers thought they were adding new life to the codex with each update, but their changes were totally out-of-touch with how the game was played. We also see examples of codex releases that added too much new life to armies, such as the big Necron revamp many years ago.

Let me enlighten you. Cruddace himself said in an interview once that he kept losing with Imperial Guard against his friends Tyranids and that he thinks they are OP and deserve nerfs.
So since it's always just one person working on the Codex (or at least that's how it used to be back then) and GW only VERY roughly proofreading those, yes the nerfs were intentional and removing all the good and interesting stuff was pretty much the opposite of adding new life to the codex (in some way they alreay experienced what we are experiencing now with the Index and the removed options).
Not intended by GW, but intended by a guy working for GW who should never have been allowed to ever touch anything about Tyranids since he obviously acted personal bias against those. Twice. In a row.

I don't doubt that GW does things like pricing popular units in a way they earn more and designing formations to sell rarely used models more etc., but the way their design process for Codices and models on a rules-basis used to be, means that that's not how they used to try and get us to buy more of a specific model.
The saying that the left hand not knowing what the right hand does is pretty accurate for GWs business model. Or, again, it used to be that way. They changed a lot of things internally in the past (almost) 2 years.

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Re: Equiping Ghostkeel

Post#20 » Jun 26 2017 02:24

Vector Strike wrote:T'au suits should come with proper magnets! They're the most important piece of wargear for them :biggrin:

If magnets were wargear then Crisis would be even more absurdly over costed.
:D You can't spell slaughter without laughter :D

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Re: Equiping Ghostkeel

Post#21 » Jun 26 2017 12:22

You_Father_Sky wrote:
Panzer wrote:
You_Father_Sky wrote:Haha, I noticed that when I was putting mine together but I REALLY didn't feel like I'd be swapping the main weapon (HRC), let alone the Tri-Axis Ions, so I just fixed them on. I can't see myself ever wanting to use the Fusion Eradicator, mind you, it does look absolutely amazing.

As for Ghostkeel, I'd definitely say Fusion/Fusion with TL, I use a drone controller, but that's strictly because of my list build.

It's funny that you recommend Ghostkeel with Fusion Collider in the same post where you state that you can't imagine yourself ever wanting the Fusion Eradicator because that was exact the same thinking back in 7th with the Ghostkeel and look now, both are valid options for him. ;)

Hahaha, the reason for that is I run my Ghostkeels in a list (In Battle Report section, 1500 Special Ops vs Nids) where it's designed to be extremely aggressive and closing distance on the enemy. Now that the blast has been removed, the Collider is excellent at shooting vehicles/creatures and supporting anything else.

On my Ta'unar however, it's kitted out with my heavy rail cannon, and is supposed to support from a distance, taking out/softening targets that my main force is moving to engage. For that purpose I like the slew of shots on the Tri Axis Ion, it's also much stronger than the Cyclic Ion Raker so it doesn't suffer from the same set backs in str and ap value. I would find it an odd thing to have to move my titan with a 120" range str 18 ap -5 weapon to within 12" to gain the 2D6 damage for the eradicators, which is a secondary weapon.
Deterrent. Especially since deep strike is 9" now.

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Re: Equiping Ghostkeel

Post#22 » Jun 26 2017 11:15

True, but I'm not overly concerned about units deepstriking against my titan.
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