8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

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8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#1 » Jul 03 2017 06:51

Basicly I wanted a counter point to the other thread :P rules and concepts that you feel are really good strategies/tactics for the Tau to utilize in the new edition.

For example, as much as some people seem to feel Crisis suits are overcosted, I really like the way fly works with falling back, these guys feel so rediculously mobile, abile to move wherever the hell they want, even out of melee, while still laying down fire. You can make sure to always have heavy firepower exactly where you want it and there is little your opponent can do about it (short of killing them, obviously).
Crisis suits with flamers are particularly nasty vs melee heavy armies, as they are very dangerous to repeatedly charge at.

Also wanted to make a note of some things I've noticed while trying out tidewalls. At first I was in two minds about them, they seemed, on paper, to be better employed by standing behind them, not actually embarking on them, this is because firewarriors (your likely gunline) just lose so many buffs by embarking, including 'for the greater good'.
However, I discovered in practice that tidewalls are actually a nice versatility tool, when facing off against a lot of anti-infantry ranged firepower, embark them for the protection, when they charge the tidewalls, disembark and fire from behind them (since you can still fire on enemy models within 1" of tidewalls). They work even better vs melee heavy armies, as you can still 'for the greater good' when standing behind them if someone charges the tidewall itself (and they cant charge through it as its an enemy model). Overall they made my firewarriors a lot more survivable in the early stages of the battle so they could get off more shots before dyeing.

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#2 » Jul 03 2017 07:00

Koiju wrote:Basicly I wanted a counter point to the other thread :P rules and concepts that you feel are really good strategies/tactics for the Tau to utilize in the new edition.

That one is easy:
- Everything with the Fly mechanic
- The AP-System
- The keyword system
- The battleshock system because that basically means we are almost immune to it as well now (and because it's a key element in how the Fly mechanic works) :D
- The degradation table mechanic
- Characters being their own unit but can't get shot at without good positioning
- Everything about reserves
- Being able to select Psychic Powers/Warlord Traits
- Command Points
- not being able to mix armies that don't belong together in matched play
- no formations (because GW has shown us that they just can't handle them properly even though they had potential)

And some T'au specific things:
- How Markerlights work
- to-hit modifier for Stealth Suits
- Pulse Bomb for Sunsharks
- Railweaponry <3
- Saviour Protocols
- Coldstar being good now :D

That's all for now. I'm sure I can find more things if I really try but I'm at work and should do something else right now. :P

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#3 » Jul 03 2017 07:28

The overall gameplay is much smoother and I really like the alternating placing of models before the game starts.
That's some kind of interaction with your enemy even before the first turn takes place.

"Hmmm, I wanted to place my Crisis here but now I think I should hold them back in reserves...ack, I place another unit first so I can still think of it."

And Railweapons...yes...I was too stubborn in 7th to let them go. I modeled my models with these weapons and often used them knowing they were subpar.

I like how scatterdice and templates are gone. This is great. But There has to bey something to damage multiple units at once.
(I flew with my Sunshark over five models: two Characters, one unit of two models and one last lone model. All standing in one blob but I had to decide which one should taste my pulse bomb...hilarious)

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#4 » Jul 03 2017 08:29

All based on what I know and read of 7th ed and the differences between it and 8th (new boy at 40k in 8th)
- Ballistic and Weapon Skill now a fixed roll where the roll is modified (no more tedieus charts that I can never remember)
- To wound roll table now making sense with its simplicity.
- AP it's simpler and more in line with AoS making the switch between the systems easier, though I wouldn't mind seeing a stat line layout similair as with AoS
- Alternating units in combat after Chargers (they need to move this to AoS as well!)
- Monsters / vehicles now in line with rest and able to degrade with damage table
- Character keyword and it making them a bit saver (questioning if it's a bright idea to get this in AoS as well.)
- Morale phase instead of combat resolution higher maths.
- Command Points, really interested if we see T'au specific Stratagems to use it on in the new codex

To comment @Panzer
- no formations: I do think we will see "Battalion" like datasheets like AoS has but at a points cost and probably more fluffy related.

T'au specific:
- Markerlight counters not consumables and thus usuable by everyone in our army in shooting phase.
- Kroot and Vespid seeing some uses as it looks like (only from what I read / seen)
can't really comment on other things

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#5 » Jul 03 2017 09:13

Things that haven't been mentioned before:

-Longstrike. He's very strong now, even without any supporting Hammerheads.

-Crisis Commanders. The ability to shoot four different weapons at BS 2+ is very strong, especially at their point cost.

-Strike Teams. The changes to rapid fire were a big buff to them. Now they can effectively move and shoot without losing any range.

-Pathfinders. Their alternate heavy weapons became far more attractive with the ability to split shots and with their ability to benefit from their squad's own marker lights. Added bonus: their support drones can now benefit strike teams.

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#6 » Jul 03 2017 09:40

General things I like:
*The rules as a whole are cleaner and easier to teach to others, as well as remember. So far I have been able to bring at least two people into the hobby that were a little too intimidated by the system previously.
*I like that Formations are gone, but units maintain a certain uniqueness.
*Unit synergies via buffing and other special rules interactions make for an army that seems to function like an actual coordinated battle force, as opposed to a bunch of heroes running about whacking on stuff, like in many RPGs.
*I like that there is still a general balance between Assault and Shooting that makes sense. Most units can simply leave hand to hand combat with a penalty. Others can leave with no penalty. Still others can prevent enemies for leaving. Close combat is deadly, but so is shooting. All together I think there is a lot more nuance to it now then just slamming an assault boat full of angry people with swords into the enemy and watching them stomp face.
*I like the changes to vehicles that make them more survivable without making them invulnerable. The damage table is also a brilliant stroke that honestly needs to be applied to more multi-wound models. I would like to see things like Guilliman lose his bubble buffs after getting 50% damage or something to that effect.
*I really like the power level system. It makes it list creation easier to manage, and also allows you to take weapons that are thematically more appropriate without feeling like you are burning points on something that is less efficient. Honestly, I find myself looking at units going "What role can I use them in? Do I have the Force Org for it?" rather then "Can I afford the points for it?". And the rules for playing games with a power disparity make for some pretty epic games and situations.
*Being able to split fire is a huge win for everyone. It never made sense to chain all the weapons in a squad or on a vehicle to all target one thing. It made it so you had to build each squad or vehicle against a single target, instead of making them multi-role.

Tau specific stuff:
*I am super excited that the Orca has decent rules. Looking forward to using one. Or a Pod of them.
*I like our synergies, even if I am still trying to figure out how to use all the entries on the markerlight table to my advantage.
*I like that all of our units are viable in various roles, and we do have a wide variety of tactical options.
*I am super happy about our drones being unchained from their units. I really hope that our codex opens up more ways to take the various drone types, as well as adds in some new types.

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#7 » Jul 03 2017 04:17

From the games I have played so far the things that are really attracting me are (in no particular order)

Mobility: we have some crazy mobility now and I am loving it. Coldstar commanders are the obvious star player but the Remora drone is almost silly fast and does not have all that supersonic nonsense to worry about. Vespid are quick too.

Commanders: wow did the Shas'O get a serious dose of awesome

Gun Drones: another so-good-its-silly unit if you can play the positional game to counter their limitations

Pathfinders: I have suddenly found a love of our sneaky special forces types and am enthused to do some kitbashing to make some look as cool as they play.

Most of all - in general the core rules just feel a lot less clunky.

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Re: 8th Edition Rules, Mechanics and Concepts you DO like

Post#8 » Jul 05 2017 09:26

I've played 2...3... games since 8th dropped, so this is my opinion at time of writing.

I Really really like how things have been streamlined. Hit rolls, wound rolls, psychic rolls, just... overall it's so much faster now, to me.

I would likewise say I like, but also dislike the wound allocation being on the person who was shot. It's kind of nice, being able to pluck units from the back or the front, when you want. Deciding on whether or not to take the sergeant or leave him, depending on what you need to do the next roll is nice. That said... Part of me would still prefer to do Closest model, because that just makes more sense to me, but as I said: I both love and hate this.

I like positioning in 8th more than I did in 7th. Not having to worry about vehicle facing, but also being able to move units however you want without worrying about closest unit taking wounds is nice.

In regards to the last 2, I kind of wish there was some middle ground. Like, maybe templates could force people to withdraw wounds from a certain area, so you could say, break a line of guys who are daisy chaining back to get a buff, by focusing fire? That'd be nice, if only to prevent cheese in some cases, and would let you focus on certain areas as an attacker, if say, you wanted to reduce the likelihood of a charge? Sorry, know this is supposed to be about positive stuff, back to that!

Tau specific stuff, I really like that we just get more shots, rather than having twin linked everything.

I like that kroot hounds are more viable, and stupid cheap.

I really like our suites are mostly immune to battleshock.

I love what was done with stealth suits and the ghostkeel.

I like the price drop for the pathfinders.

I like the look of hammerheads and stormsurges now (Probably going to save to get a stormsurge, longstrike, and a couple hammerheads besides).

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