8th Edition - Rise of the Shield Generator?

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8th Edition - Rise of the Shield Generator?

Post#1 » Jul 14 2017 03:35

Hi there!
First with all the new 8th Edition Topics i could have missed it, so excuse me if I bring up an old Topic but here we go.

After about 3-4 Games in the new Edition, I am very disappointed about what the Tau army has become. Besides the well known problems inside our own units I want to shift the focus of this Topic about the general 8th edition change in how to keep our Stuff alive.
In the old Edition cover-save was virtually some kind of alternative invul safe that could be even improved with common special rules like stealth and shrouded. Also it was pretty easy to get the benefit of cover, because line of sight and declaration of battlefield scenery was the all we needed to get this cover.
In the new Edition, this change dramatically. Not only is it harder for non infantry units to get the benefit of cover at all, its also much weaker especially against any Weapon with AP-x. And thats pretty much any weapon besides regular infantry weapons.

My conclusion after 3-4 games was, that our Battlesuits with their regular space marine save are very vulnerable as everyone will use good AP-x weapons against them and that brought me to the point where i need to roll worse save rolls for my suits (like 5+ or even 6+) then for my firewarriors (4+ or 3+ in cover).

But now comes the all mighty invul safe that, with the new cover rules, feels much mightier. In 8th Edition a shield generator costs only 8 points. Compared to the overall increase in points for the suits and their weapons, the Shield generator is now even cheaper then a simple flamer. So i got to the point where I give all my suits Shield Generators instead of ATS or another module. I'm not a big fan of the 3 gun setups because of style reasons but even here i start thinking that the much higher survivability brings my the chance to fire more often, compensating the missing gun.

And now i want to know your opinions or experience.

Do you also feel that an 4++ invul save is much mightier in 8th Edition then it was before?

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Re: 8th Edition - Rise of the Shield Generator?

Post#2 » Jul 14 2017 03:48

I think any talk of battlesuit survivability has to include discussing Drones.

That said, an invul save is pretty huge. With Shield Dronea nerfed, I am considering a shield generator, but trying to sort out the tactical role I would use them in.

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Re: 8th Edition - Rise of the Shield Generator?

Post#3 » Jul 14 2017 04:53


Rise of the Advanced Targeting System. :evil:

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Re: 8th Edition - Rise of the Shield Generator?

Post#4 » Jul 14 2017 04:59

Well rather simple imo. If you take enough Drones of any kind with your suits, go with a third weapon or ATS. If you play them without enough Drones, take a Shield Gen. ^^

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Re: 8th Edition - Rise of the Shield Generator?

Post#5 » Jul 14 2017 06:07

I agree with the drones tactic. Gun drones are not only super cheap, they also get 4 shots. Large suit units running one drone controller module is amazing. They're going to be forced to shoot your drones, or better yet, put the drones behind cover where they're untargetable and get the higher save of the suit on weak shots and have drones take the big hits. Absolute worst case scenario you're paying 8 points for an extra wound on a suit, useable to an unlimited capacity. That alone is amazing.

Another thing I've learned is the Mont'ka style of fighting with loading everything up with as many guns as possible works way better than trying to survive longer. More kills early on = less bullets flying at you = better survivability.

Situation A: you have 2 plasma guns and a SG on a suit. You get 4 shots and kill 2 devistators in a squad of 5 (the current marine meta). 3 shoot back and you save half (from invuln 4+) loose 1 or 2 suits.

Situation B: you have 3 plasma guns and kill 3 devistators. 2 shoot back and save on an average 5 or 6, so again loose 1 or 2 suits.

Situation B is clearly better because more enemies are dead. Further, in situation B if you spend 8 points on a drone, you can totally cancel out a missile or las Canon which could potentially one shot a suit.
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