Stingwing Drones. Good proxy option?

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Stingwing Drones. Good proxy option?

Post#1 » Jul 22 2017 01:03

So had an idea about making a drone to proxy sting wings. . Got the idea from tau drone army. On the ice planet with blue orange paint scheme.

Thoughts Ideas? Should the drones have fins or wings or jets or thrusters?

Any suitble easy ideas? Forgeworld or other bits that wouls easy to convert.

Such as the all drone army.

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Re: Stingwing Drones. Good proxy option?

Post#2 » Jul 22 2017 02:28

Well, let's compare drones to the vespid...

Vespid neutron blaster weapon is just a sy-fy crystal, ground in a way that if the vespid create specific vibration frequency with their wings, it produces a deadly ray. Conviniently packed in a weapon which the vespic can hold with their hands. They move faster than drones, can deepstrike, have better morale, don't like to serve as cannon fodder.

So if you'd use a drone instead of vespid, the drones would need:
Dumbed down sense of self preservation, and yet make them stop trying to save other tau by sacrificing themselves, better combat routine and cutting it out from any drone controller signals - good so far, that's a software upgrade.

As hardware goes, you'd need better thrusters, advanced optics(better BS), a mount for the crystal weapon, ... aaaand a GIGANTIC VIBRATOR SO THE WEAPON CAN WORK.

As for conversions... Yea some mini wings could work, something like a 1/3 or 1/2 size of remora wings (relative to the drone dome, remoras have bigger domes...), + somehow making a mount for similar single weapon.

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Re: Stingwing Drones. Good proxy option?

Post#3 » Jul 22 2017 03:42

I've always found stingwing conversions to work best as "stingwing fire warriors"

The speed can be attributed to a suit-type jetpack with no added armor beyond regular combat armor (using seeker missile rears and some bits), the gun can be a variant mix of a carbine and a blaster (powered up by the jet-pack's power source)

The Ld difference (and the WS, and in the past, initiative), explained by drugs that improve reaction times (to better control the engine with the limited controls of the superlight suit) but tend to cause nerve issues on most users, except a fw that get even more calm (strain leaders)

As for drones, I think grag covered most things.

Hardware is easy to explain, just model them with different hardware. not like we lack odd drones between interceptors, heavies, recons, remoras, turrets, etc. it can cover any difference in abilities such as deepstriking, the gun, the speed, etc.

The difference in drone mentality will be hard to explain in an army that isn't pure-drones (there its easy, "simple" drones are programmed to prioritize the safety of advance drones), why don't they protect others any more? why don't drone controllers work? (they work on remoras and turrets even, who are far bigger scaled)
In short, the reason they don't interact like other drones will be the hard thing to explain.

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