What if MT gave +1 BS

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What if MT gave +1 BS

Post#1 » Aug 30 2017 06:07

Pros, Cons?

quick example:
2 CIB BS3+ = 4 hits
3 CIB BS4+ = 4.5 hits

Would it be more of a thing you see on Riptide and Ghostkeel however?

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Re: What if MT gave +1 BS

Post#2 » Aug 30 2017 06:38

My first game of 8th I played like this. Read the rule wrong. They were great on Crisis suits. I was upset when I realized my mistake...

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Re: What if MT gave +1 BS

Post#3 » Aug 31 2017 12:00

Ghostkeel? Yes. It would simply replace the Target Lock since it does exactly the same thing except that it also gives a bonus when you don't move.
Same for any other big Suit that doesn't want to split its shooting. Broadsides would probably take it as well.

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Re: What if MT gave +1 BS

Post#4 » Aug 31 2017 04:19

As a general rule of thumb, ATT has something of a policy against wishlisting. If you wish to craft a peer-reviewed and well-structured suggestion to GW for future rules development, I would recommend posting in this thread.

As this thread is unlikely to produce much more meaninful discussion, I'll be locking it now.
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