Blast from the past

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Blast from the past

Post#1 » Sep 02 2017 12:23

So I know I'm new and I hope this is not a bad post from the rules but I sure got a kick out of this and thought some old players might as well.

I recently had to travel back to the Midwest due to some family medical stuff and while cleaning out my fathers basement I ran across all my old 40k stuff I thought he'd tossed! After some tweaking on my old computer I got this working again! 98' - 01' copy updated with the first Tau army builder list Aun'Shi and all! (Btw found my all my old metal Aun'shi, going to paint strip and turn him into a unique darkstrider or fire blade, along with some old fire warrior and crisis parts) It's really fun messing with the original Tau Points and such and oh wow were stealth suits nasty! Anyone else use this old fella?!
(Kel'shan Rescue Enclave)

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