Open topped and buffs, does it work?

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Open topped and buffs, does it work?

Post#1 » Nov 17 2017 08:56

Do buffs work on units embarked on open topped things? Like I fancy putting a fireblade on a drone port for 24bs2+ shots of pulse fire from the drones, then putting a unit of strike team warriors on top for some longer ranged albeit poorer BS pulse fire. But do those warriors still get buffed by the blade? I don't get whether an open topped fortification counts as embarked for that purpose

Limitations? You mean you don't want Fido the kroot hound as a character?

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Re: Open topped and buffs, does it work?

Post#2 » Nov 17 2017 08:57

No, oppen topped works like any other transport with the named exceptions to embarked units shooting.

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