New leaks and what they mean

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New leaks and what they mean

Post#1 » Nov 30 2017 09:27

Spikeybits just released a few tau leaks, including warlord traits and relics. ... otted.html

I personally think all of them are pretty underwhelming. While other armies are getting "reroll everything within 6 inches" types of things, we keep getting 1 per game things. The puretide engram neurochip is an example of this. It effectively gives you 1 CP that you need to use within 6 inches of your warlord.
As for the warlord traits, master of war was already an extremely situational, 1-per-game thing. Now they made it into a warlord trait that doesn't work on the units that matter (not your warlord). I personally think they are awful. You won't be advancing and shooting very often, especially with your warlord, and he will probably not have enough range to take advantage of staying put and shooting.

The stratagem I also did not feel very strongly about. Given that markerlights have a decent 1-hit benefit and crappy 2-4 hit benefits, you will probably be splitting markerlights between units instead of focusing them. And the stratagem will give you a maximum of 4 with a single markerlight, and on average will only give you 2+ hits, which is also not great.

What do you guys think?

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Re: New leaks and what they mean

Post#2 » Nov 30 2017 09:35

We've known about these leaks for over a week now, there are several threads discussing them! Feel free to join in on the conversation!

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