Breachers and how to use them

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Re: Breachers and how to use them

Post#19 » Dec 26 2017 06:31

I've done this a few times. It's only 3 points so it's not the worst waste of points. And on occasion I have no reason to move breachers (if they are needed to hold an objective, for example), so the markerlight can come in handy.

Of course, in a PL game, you should out of principle.


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Re: Breachers and how to use them

Post#20 » Dec 26 2017 07:49

I use them as a supporting fire/objective grabber.
First time I used them I baited a charge with Cmdr. Farsight and the squad of breachers behind him tore the charge apart.

Second time I loaded them into the Fish and dropped them off on an objective in cover, they then held that hilltop against all comers while the main battle line advanced to support them.

I've been thinking that if you can hide them behind LOS blocking terrain and bait the opponent into charging a unit (preferably a Battle Suit so it can escape the fighting properly) that puts them within the 5" easily enough they make wonderful entrapment units.

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Re: Breachers and how to use them

Post#21 » Jan 09 2018 02:10

I played a 1500 point 3 round event this weekend. I won 2/3 rounds and came in 3rd (I played/beat 2nd place).
I ran a battalion of breachers without fish. Game one they were not relevant. Game two they had minor combat with guard but we're more effective then they strike equivalent. I was tabled game 3 but I liked their shooting profiles, but could have been slightly better as strikers theoretically as pulse rifle duded, but the end result would have probably been the same. I may have been able to kill one or three more horrors that were in large groups. But they were bubble wrap and so it wouldn't have had any real impact. I feel our infantry isn't good, but I think breachers have better potential at being more threatening pulse rifles

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