Are Razorsharks worth it?

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Are Razorsharks worth it?

Post#1 » Jan 02 2018 10:56

I'm a new Tau player (only a couple months of experience) and my friends and I are planning a battle.

I don't have much (if any) experience in 40k or Fantasy/Aos combat and I've only recently grasped the rules. To boost my army, I thought a Razorshark fighter would be a good addition, however, seeing its save, ballistic skill and power in the index I'm not really sure.

If anyone has any advice on whether or not I should get one or any tactics I could use it in that would be great Thanks.

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Re: Are Razorsharks worth it?

Post#2 » Jan 02 2018 11:23

Razorsharks are pretty bad - they provide firepower you can find elsewhere for less points and aren't very durable. As a flyer they are mobile, but after Chapter Approved they cannot capture objectives. They essentially have no role or niche to fill in our army at the moment.

The Sunshark however - which you can build from the same box - has its uses. While suffering from some of the same issues as the Razorshark (low durability, cannot capture objectives), it's got more firepower (thanks to the drones) and is a source of repeatable mortal wounds (via bombing runs), something we don't get elsewhere. It's not a great unit mind you, merely an OK one. It can be a nuisance for your opponents and usually is enough of a threat that they have to deal with it.

So if you want a flyer, buy the box and build a Sunshark out of it. It won't win you games, but won't lose them either. And even if something changes in the codex, the two flyers look pretty much alike. It's easy to proxy one with the other.

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Re: Are Razorsharks worth it?

Post#3 » Jan 02 2018 11:42

Like most of our units it's too expensive for what it does. ~150pts for 6 to 8 shots is just not worth it also considering that it hits on 5+ with the quad turret because it's a heavy weapon. Markerlights make it a bit better but ad to the cost even more. Plus I agree that the Sunshark is simply better at everything.

Best advice I can give is wait for the Codex.

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Re: Are Razorsharks worth it?

Post#4 » Jan 05 2018 01:17

Sun Shark Bomber is better than the Razorshark.

Razorshark gets
1. One Burst Cannon replace with Missile Pod
2. One Quad Ion Turret. This fires 4 ion shots or overcharge for D6 ion shots.
3. Two Seeker Missiles.
~150 to ~160pts.

Sunshark Bomber gets

1. One Markerlight
2. One Missile Pod or you can add a second one.
3. Two MV17 Interceptor Drones each with two ion rifles which gives them four ion rifle shots. Unlike the Razorshark, however, these ion rifles are Rapid Fire 30'', so you can get eight shots out of them, or D3 a piece if you overcharge them.
4. Two Seeker Missiles.
5. Capability of doing bombing runs.
~165 to ~190pts

If you want to bring a flyer, the choice is painfully clear. The Sunshark does everything the Razor shark does, but better.
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Re: Are Razorsharks worth it?

Post#5 » Jan 07 2018 06:42

Don't forget that the Razorshark's Quad Ion Turret is a Heavy weapon and the Sunshark Bomber comes with a single Markerlight.

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