Congratulations to our newly promoted staff!

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Congratulations to our newly promoted staff!

Post#1 » Jun 03 2008 10:04

For their excellent service to ATT, the following three Shas have been offered the chance to join our ever-vigilant Doombringer as members of our 'Vre (moderator) team:

Effective immediately, they have been granted the acting rank of 'Vre, to be vested fully upon successful completion of their Trial by Fire.

In addition, one of our veteran and trusted 'Vre, eiglepulper, has been granted the rank of 'El and responsibility for coordinating our expanding 'Vre team. We are confident that he will instill in our incoming 'Vres some of his consistently polite yet firm style of authority and his determination to help every member of ATT get the most from their participation here.

Last, but not least, you may notice that Orange-Bell (member #1!) had come out of retirement to assist us in this time of transition. As a result, his rank had been adjusted from 'El to 'O to facilitate his participation in the administration of ATT. With our new system up and running smoothly, and the expanded 'Vre team, he has now gratefully returned to his hover-chair and shrimp-tail lifestyle as Por'O (ret.). Thanks for your help, yet again, O-B!

Welcome to your new duties, gentlemen, and a sincere thank you from all of the administrative team for your willingness to give so much of your time and energy to help ATT's continued growth and development.

-- P'Shar's Rifles

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