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To ATT from the Shas'ar'tol

Post#1 » Sep 30 2009 05:54

The ATT Admin team have noticed what is rapidly becoming a disturbing trend in the grammar, spelling and punctuation within posts made by some of our membership. Advanced Tau Tactica has one of the best reputations on the Internet because of our standards and how rigorously we maintain them. However, a downward trend has begun to creep into posts being put up on the boards, and this needs to be stopped.

A forgotten capital here or a missed comma there is one thing, but entire posts without for example a single piece of punctuation or appropriate use of capitals is absolutely unacceptable. Our articles and comradeship aren't the only reason people come here. The standards we provide and enforce are one of the biggest draws of our little corner of the web, and if we let that slip we rapidly approach the status of no longer being the ATT everyone knows. For the most part, the ATT team's policy of allowing self-policing of topics has worked rather well. The vast majority of our members follow the Membership Primers to the letter, but the few that don't have rapidly begun to mar the professional image of our forum.

The Site Owners have therefore issued notice to our 'Ui members and above to begin aggressive operation of their markerlight systems to help identify poor quality posts for action by the senior team. If you are contacted about the quality of your posts, take the comments seriously and act upon them to improve your posting standards. ATT is known for its professional image, and that is something we wish to maintain. Do not allow laziness to slip into your typing because you are short of time or feeling rushed. Take your time, spell check your work and if necessary, go back and edit.

Thank you for your cooperation in this.

The Shas'ar'tol.

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