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Important announcement.

Post#1 » Sep 02 2011 01:57

NEWS UPDATE : The ATT 2011 Challenge Votes are in : Who were they? Check out now!

Please Note : Newly promoted members to the Admin Team!

Trials By Fire.
The Shas'Ar'Tol of Advanced Tau Tactica wish to congratulate the following ATT members who have successfully completed various levels of Trial By Fire.

2nd Trial By Fire.

Congratulations to 'Ui members Didi et Gogo and Duredhel who have both passed their 2nd Trial and been promoted to the rank of 'Vre with immediate effect.

3rd Trial By Fire.

Congratulations to 'Vre members Theambit, Wolfs16 and Che Gue'vesa who have completed their 3rd Trial and have been elevated to the rank of 'El with immediate effect.

Special Promotion.
To attain the highest rank available to any member of ATT requires truly exceptional service to the Greater Good through leading by example, personal participation in the forums, and performing duties often unseen by many of the other members while still retaining a good humour and a willingness to help both new members and the not-so-new.

It gives the Shas'Ar'Tol therefore great pleasure to award the rank of Por'O to RevRanDom with immediate effect.

Please accord Didi et Gogo, Duredhel, Theambit, Wolfs16, Che Gue'vesa and RevRanDom the respect due to their rank.

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