The ATT Security Lockdown has been lifted.

Important news and announcements from the Advanced Tau Tactica team.
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The ATT Security Lockdown has been lifted.

Post#1 » Apr 27 2008 09:59

Attention, attention. This is a station-wide announcement.

'Ui teams have completed their security sweep of the new station. All ranks are now cleared to leave their quarters and report for duty. Please familiarize yourself with the new station layout and security measures as soon as possible. Should you experience disorientation, your loyal support drone or a superior officer will assist with your orientation.

Upon entering, you will notice the orientation pods on your left. The resources contained within, in particular the Membership Primers, will thoroughly acquaint you with the operating procedures, security levels, and general layout of the station. All Tau assigned to the station are expected to have read and understood these primers.

Immediately past these pods, you will notice transit ramps to both the Upper and Lower Concourses. Please mingle freely in these concourses as you discover the many station-wide improvements produced by our trusty Fio. Be aware that our staff are monitoring the Concourses continually and the best way to gain recognition for the Academy and Research & Development Labs is to foster intelligent and innovative discussion in the Concourses.

Congratulations to our freshly-promoted 'Ui, whose records have been reviewed carefully during this lockdown. I am sure you will prove worthy of the responsibilities entrusted to you.

Thank you for your patience during this procedure. Welcome back, tau'va. It is good to hear your voices fill these domes again.

-- P'Shar's Rifles

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