Greetings from Austria

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Greetings from Austria

Post#1 » Aug 10 2017 03:36


Location: Salzburg, Austria.

I'm a newcommer and a bit confused why I can't write in any othe Sub. :D

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Re: Greetings from Austria

Post#2 » Aug 10 2017 04:10

Hey there! Welcome to ATT! :) I believe the reason you are unable to post is due to a probationary period which isolates all new accounts in a single forum, with the express purpose of making bots easier to deal with.

If you would be kind enough to read up on the membership rules and guidelines (We hold content on this site to a consistently high standard), and introduce yourself with a membership profile while you wait, it would be much appreciated. :D
Legend says his name contained over 20 apostrophes!

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Re: Greetings from Austria

Post#3 » Aug 10 2017 04:28

Welcome to ATT. If you get a chance check out the project logs. It's great for motivation.

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Re: Greetings from Austria

Post#4 » Aug 10 2017 06:04

Don't worry! New accounts can't post for 48 hours, outside of the "Membership Profiles" board. Hang out, read some forums, and you'll be posting in no time!


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