Hi Guys! Back in the game.

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Hi Guys! Back in the game.

Post#1 » Nov 24 2016 07:28

Hi guys, i was a 5th ed player back in the days, but then i moved to UK (i am italian), and i had to sell all my stuff, so now i wished to start a brand new army here in UK, Tau obviously :fear:
About me: I am a huge fan of 40k and all the fluff and stuff related to 40k and 30k; also a huge fan about fantasy, rpgs, scifi.

My real name is Walter, at the moment i stay in Worcestershire Uk, i started Taus's because i love their philosopy and their lore. laso farsight.

best regard to all of you and keep fighting for the Greater Good.

Shas'o signin out.

PS: i have read the rules of the forum now, sorry for the inconvinience.
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Re: Hi Guys! Back in the game.

Post#2 » Nov 24 2016 11:21

Welcome back!

and welcome to the UK! Where abouts are you located?

I stopped after 5th ed too and just recently got back in.
Hailing from Sept Elsy'eir

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Re: Hi Guys! Back in the game.

Post#3 » Nov 24 2016 11:32

Welcome to ATT, Shaso97! Glad to see someone return to the hobby, and you've picked an excellent time to do so.

Just one thing I have to mention here: while we don't require users to use the profile template we've provided, it is mandatory that all members answer the question, "Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules?" So as soon as you have read the rules, please update your original post to include this confirmation.

Our code of conduct here tends to be a bit more strict than most forums, so we want to ensure all members have an understanding of what's expected.

Thank you for your cooperation, and I hope to see you around the station. o7.

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Re: Hi Guys! Back in the game.

Post#4 » Nov 25 2016 07:44

Hey hey welcome; I often think restarting in the hobby is a good thing as you can make informed choices based on what you liked before, and then there's all new models available :D

It is a great time to collect again, lots of solid bundles to buy and build.

Thanks for the Forum Rules acknowledgement edit, appreciated :)

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Re: Hi Guys! Back in the game.

Post#5 » Nov 26 2016 10:37

Welcome back,

Glad to have you with us.

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