Good morning tau empire!

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Good morning tau empire!

Post#1 » Dec 02 2016 05:03

Right so here goes.

I left this forum years ago when the tau were still in their infancy. 3Rd edition. But now I'm back to my glorious empire. But I'm still new to the new rules and stuff so bear with me for some stupid questions and tactics stuff

Shas'o R'suam

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Re: Good morning tau empire!

Post#2 » Dec 03 2016 12:52

Welcome to ATT glad to have you with us.

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Re: Good morning tau empire!

Post#3 » Dec 04 2016 10:27

Welcome back Burf, not to worry man - I'm getting back into 40k via Killteam rules - I've mostly painted and modelled all the time you've been away! haha.

Look forward to your input on the forums!

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