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Introduction of Rookyindiana

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Real first name: David

Age and gender: 17 will be 18 in a month and 8 days (woot! :D )

Location: Illinois in the US

Occupation: I am a computer technicIan and a cook

How did you get into wargaming? It started with Dawn of War and advanced from there. I got DoW and fell in love with Tau and wanted to try the wargaming aspect but never could find anyone to play against till I made a post in a gaming group I'm in on Facebook

How did you get into Tau? Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. Love the battlesuits and the advanced technology.

What would be your second piece of advice (after "read the freakin' rules") to a new Tau player? Move move move. And remember the jet move. It is so so so useful...

What is your Tau colour scheme? Primary Blue, Secondary yellow, then weapons and metal bits are red. I can post a photo of my almost finished crisis suit team

How did you find this site/the old site, and how long have you been a member? I was looking for basing ideas for Tau cause I'm not sure what to do for them yet and found the site through a Google search of that

What are the origins of your ATT username? Oh god... haha. The origins of Rookyindiana come from Xbox Live. I made an online account and that's the name it gave me. And it personally just stuck.

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules? Yes I have

Where and how often do you usually play? Once every other week. Every now and then I play more often but not always

Do you have any other armies, for 40K or another system? Yes. I have Space Wolves and recently bought an Ironclad Dreadnought and a tactical marine squad. So I play Tau, Space Wolves, and Ultramarines.

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against? Umm... I think Necrons and Tyranids are my least favorite it's a tie between those two. Favorite... uh I kinda have to say the same armies as my least favorite. They are such a huge pain but provide such a wonderful challenge when you battle them

What is your best and worst 40K moment? Best?? Oh it was awesome. Before the battle began me and my opponent, imp guard, wanted to try out an HQ before we bought them. I wanted to try out Farsight :D . So the battle began turn two a 3 man team of crisis suits + farsight deep striked behind 2 leman russes. The crisis suits were equiped with Cyclic Ion Blasters and of course had marker drones. I lit each tank up with markerlights then blew both of them up that shooting phase. Glancing on a 3.. yeah it was awesome though that may change
Worst moment..?? Final turn of the game. Big game 6 players. My fire warriors are in assault with an enemy helbrute. If I kill it I advance to next campaign game. If not I have to 1v1 Eldar. I of course have EMP grenades. I hit! Then proceed to roll a stupid 1... so 1v1 Eldar... later today actually

What does/do your family/significant other/friends think about your 'funny toys'? My dad plays Necrons. My mom doesn't care. My significant other smiles and calls me a dork when I talk about them lol.
Some of my friends call me stupid for liking Warhammer and trust me it's a little rage inducing haha

What are some of your other interests? Gaming wise I play Battletech and a couple card games. I also play computer games and role playing games. Warhammer wise?? I kind of want to start a Necron army..
If you have question on interests just ask I'm happy to answer

Do you have any pets? In the house we have 3
Purple the Australian Shepard Black Lab mix
Gerri the Cairn Terrier
And personally Rick James the Main Coon Cat.
Yes his name is Rick James

What is your favourite band? It changes all the time. But my favorite genre is hard rock, metal, metal orchestra, and anything 'hard' so to speak.

As I said if you have any questions ask I'm happy to answer :) and glad to be here

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