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For the Greater Good

Post#1 » Jan 04 2017 02:51

Hey all

I've been lurking without registering for about a month now, got a lot of useful stuff from here. I'm returning to 40k after 15 years away. Last time I took to the table I was still in school :eek:

It's the stuff I read on ATT that made me decide to go Tau this time around Well, that and the fluff. And the battlesuits :biggrin:

What else..... I'm currently studying Law, half way through my second year. Though, gotta say, I'm based in England so if you're from somewhere else don't be expecting free legal advice. Hell, even if you're from the UK, I'm not qualified or insured, so pleeeease don't be using me as a solicitor. Though if you've got any issues, do feel free to PM and I'll give you my legal opinion (with the obligatory disclaimer that you should seek a qualified professional). I specialise in contract and consumer law.

No doubt I'll talk to you all on some thread somewhere at some point.

May you strike hard and fast, my brothers (and sisters) in arms

For the Greater Good

(p.s - Yes, I have read the rules}
A good warrior strikes fast, but retreats faster

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Re: For the Greater Good

Post#2 » Jan 20 2017 12:29

Good for you! Another returner to the hobby. :biggrin: Have you thought about what type of list you want to run?
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