ATTN: MODS - I would like to delete this account.

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ATTN: MODS - I would like to delete this account.

Post#1 » Feb 14 2017 01:57


Hey, I'd like to delete my account so that I can have a different username. I tried searching everywhere within the account and profile controls but there's nothing, and I tried PMing a mod but the message is just sitting in my "outbox" and not "sent folder" (so I don't think it went anywhere).

Long story short I had my account deleted by a mod a little over two years ago (accidentally) because my name shares a likeness with spam bot account names. Clearly I have since re-created my account with the same username (the mod's advice) but to ensure this doesn't happen again if I become active again on this forum, I'd like to actually change my username, thus as far as I can tell that would require the deletion of my account (unless you can change my name).

Can a mod help me with this? If it can be simply changed, message me and I will reply with the name I'd like it changed to.

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