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Post#1 » Mar 30 2017 05:50

Hi! I'm new to the forum so I'll introduce myself.

Real first name:


Age and gender:

23, male


Guadalajara, Spain


History student

How did you get into wargaming?:

When I was very young, I came in contact with warhammer fantasy, and I fell in love with skaven (I've always liked rats, and thought of them as misunderstood creatures), I liked the models, but I was too young to be secure enough to paint them myself, so my parents started painting them for me, we spend a lot of days in the attic of my house; they would be painting and i would be playing with the models on the floor. Good times. After that, I didn't have any contact with miniature gaming for a while, recently, some fellow historians in my college convinced me to start painting and playing historic tabletop games (flames of war), and, after painting some soviets and realizing that i was not that terrible at painting, I decided to pick up tau and give them a try as well.

How did you get into Tau?

I like both the looks and the fluff of tau. I like that they are a small remenant of sanity in the grimdark future of 40k, and the robotic look of the tau firewarriors. They are by far the faction of 40k that attracted me the most, followed probably by adeptus mechanicus. I also love the fact thay they have auxiliary alien races, I just finished painting my kroot carnivores and I loved it.

What is your Tau colour scheme?

I'm painting my tau in the Sa'Cea sept color scheme, so blue and orange. My kroot are brown with green hair. In my tau I alternate between bright blue for most of the troops and dark blue for stealth teams and breachers.

How did you find this site/the old site, and how long have you been a member?

I've been browsing this site a lot trying to find guidance as I build my new tau army, I found it just by google search on different topics. I've just registered as a member today :).

What are the origins of your ATT username?

The rulebook of Skaven (2002) that I had when I was a kid. None of my friends owned warhammer, so I could not play with them, so I remeber reading this book, and the rulebook of warhammer fantasy a thousand times, trying to imagine how it would be to fight with my rats in the actual game, in this rulebook there was a short story of a Skaven grey-seer fighting a dwarf army, that gray-seer was called Arqueek. That has been my profile name everywhere since then.

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules?

Yes, I have :)

Where and how often do you usually play?

Not much, I have a friend that owns a necron army, but he is very competitive and doesn't really like to play, he enjoys more the painting side of the hobby. Several of my friends in college have armies of 40k but don't have a lot of time to play, and there is not a hobby store in my local city. However, a couple of friends of mine are starting 40k armies now, so maybe I will be able to play more soon.

Do you have any other armies, for 40K or another system?

Not for 40k, but I have a big skaven army, painted by my parents, with some orcs and imperium of warhammer fantasy and a soviet army of flames of war, painted by me.

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against?

Well, I've not played that much yet, so I'll reserve judgement for now.

What does/do your family/significant other/friends think about your 'funny toys'?

I show the miniatures I paint to my parents regularly, and they love it. I also make sure to show my armies to any friend or girl that comes to my house, and they always give me kind words about it.

What are some of you other interests?

Obviously I love history and literature, I'm also into videogames. I have played rol games (like D&D) a couple of times and I really enjoy being a GM in this kind of games, and supposedly I'm pretty good at it. I would like to host a narrative campaign of 40k with my friends soon.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, a dog, called Bull. He's a goofball, but I love him.

What is your favourite band?

I used to be really into alternative rock and punk when I was in high school, right now I just listen to anything. Lately I'be been listening to a lot of jazz, specially while I paint.

That's all. Forgive my english, for I am nothing but a humble spanish Gue'Vesa.


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Re: Arqueek

Post#2 » Mar 30 2017 08:41

Arqueek- Welcome to the A.T.T. Orbital!

Hope to see photos of your Tau army and hear about your glorious victories for the Greater Good!


PS. Wouldn't be great if the Tau had a rodent like alien auxiliary? RATS IN SPAAAAACCCCEEEE! "squeek-squeek" :P
Viro’los gu brath!

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Re: Arqueek

Post#3 » Mar 31 2017 02:46

Yes! That would be awesome! :D . One of the narrative campaigns I was planning to do involved a clash between tau and necrons in a tomb world now inhabitated by rodent-like xenos (represented by my skaven) that the tau are trying to assimilate.

I'm hoping I can start posting some battle reports and pictures of my glorious followers of the Tau'Va soon! :biggrin:

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Re: Arqueek

Post#4 » Mar 31 2017 03:31

Arqueek wrote:Yes! That would be awesome! :D . One of the narrative campaigns I was planning to do involved a clash between tau and necrons in a tomb world now inhabitated by rodent-like xenos (represented by my skaven) that the tau are trying to assimilate.

You could try your hand at a converting Skaven into auxiliaries, use some Kroot bits, pulse rifles perhaps.
I can only imagine Jezzail gunners would make a gorgeous auxiliary unit :D

Anyhow, a warm welcome to ye Arqueek, enjoy yer stay.
"I highlight your weakness with MARKERLIGHT."

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Re: Arqueek

Post#5 » Mar 31 2017 04:27

I may try to do so, as I still have a box of clan rats from my childhood that my parents didn't assemble and some spare kroot arms and weapons from the box I just painted :) ... Sadly, I'm not very handy :sad: So I'm kind of afraid of the results if I try.

Thanks for the warm welcome! :P

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