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Post#1 » May 26 2017 11:46

Real first name: No one uses it, just call me Abzu or Lanhai 藍海

Age and gender: 24 - male

Location: New York City

Occupation: Studying to be a Chinese Foreign Language Teacher.

Sept: Bork'an

How did you get into wargaming? I just started right now! I'm still getting my materials in the mail, very expensive. I bought the Start Collecting! Tau Empire and Infiltration cadre Burning Dawn. I also have some Xv15 stealth suits off Ebay coming soon (I like stealth suits aesthetics). Dawn of war and the internet introduced me to the Warhammer 40k franchise but there aren't enough video games with Tau in them so I got fed up and said I'm going to finally play the tabletop game. Hopefully my painting skills are up for it, I like customizing but I've never done this before. I only have videos to help me out.

How did you get into Tau? Dawn of War introduced them to me, I love their aesthetic and fluff. I'm also a guy who prefers playing benevolent characters. My favorite is the Water Caste. I feel like I want to make a custom water caste model someday.

What does/do your family/significant other/friends think about your 'funny toys'? I'm sure my mother is upset I spent a bunch of money so rapidly on them.

What are some of you other interests? Video Games, Watching Youtube, Learning and teaching Chinese.

Do you have any pets? 3 cats, 2 turtles, and a dog.

What is your favourite band? Not a band, 王力宏 or 张杰.

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules? Yes

My steam:

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Re: Lan'hai

Post#2 » Jun 11 2017 06:15

Welcome the 'Orbital'

And to Tau as a collection and army, man - there are so many convertors around here, should be whole evenings of hobby goodness to browse whilst you model up your forces.

Have a look in our Resources Sub Forum, a lot of articles on converting and painting, plus a link to the digital scheme painter :)

Thanks for joining ATT, and feel free to post your thoughts when you live in China too - be great to see the occaisional image of your travels among your collecting!

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