I would like to apologise to the ATT community.

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Vio'ra Mal'caor
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I would like to apologise to the ATT community.

Post#1 » May 29 2017 01:09

I'm sorry everyone for the terrible posts that have been made by my post over the last week. I had been lending my little bro my laptop so he could work on a 'project'. What he was actually doing was signing in as me, and writing things that were not very well thought through on the forums. I have now changed my password, and apologise to several members. My brother posted a couple of rude, noobish and totally incorrect statements on this forum for over a week. One such correction I would like to make is that I do NOT have a uncle whose friend works for GW, and I do NOT have as large an army as some of the army lists that he posted under my name. He also tried to say I have a mental health problem, which is where I caught him out, as I was monitoring my posts when it popped up in the forum. Sorry to everyone.

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Re: I would like to apologise to the ATT community.

Post#2 » May 29 2017 09:57

Thanks for the heads up, appreciated. Feel free to edit posts you want to correct. :D

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