old man getting back into 40k!

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old man getting back into 40k!

Post#1 » Jun 07 2017 11:27

Hello every one, I started playing 3rd edition back in high school and played up to 5th and I was really into the tournament scene. I jumped out of 40k when WM mrk 2 came out, and I played that up until now. The WM system has started to wear on me....and GW has made some amazing model kits.
I have been a doing conversion commissions for 4+ years now...check out my work on my page:


Now its mainly related to WM...but the old king is dead, long live the new king!
So I jumped onto the Tau train as I love the models and this will always be a constant for me I play what looks cool! ALL DAY EVERY DAY! and I understand Tau has gone through some changes but I am all to excited to convert my Ghostkeels!
I am aiming to get back into the tournament scene again so I will be trying to optimize my list to look cool and play ok at least :P

I am a father and I have baby # 2 due in a few months, so my available gaming time/budget/hobby time is lacking...so I like to hash out my ideas before a big impulse buy :P I aim to airbrush my tau force to save time.
Well...thanks in advance for putting up with me and I look forward to throwing some dice!

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Re: old man getting back into 40k!

Post#2 » Jun 09 2017 07:20

Welcome aboard the 'Orbital' veteran B'Saal (tau for 'sheperd' of saal cadets) ;)

Being the Fio'O I am clearly biased in my excitement about seeing your projects going ahead.

Thanks for the insight into a new member, here's to 8th and all you ideas ahead!

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