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New Member, Long Time Lurker

Post#1 » Jun 08 2017 10:03

Good day everyone,

My name is Draco Aleksander, and I'm a long time Tau commander. I haven't ever gotten over the threshold of actually creating a profile here, though, because I am incredibly bad at keeping up with forums. With 8th Edition right around the corner, though, and things shifting back around to my favored playstyle of lots of Fire Warriors on the line with arty support from Broadsides and Hammerheads (plus a Stormsurge gifted to me by my wonderful wife), I figured I should go ahead and at least introduce myself.

My day job is working at a Florida college in their theatre department, teaching people how to build sets and create props, but I'm also an author. My content can be a bit saucy, so I won't be posting links here, but you can find me on Amazon, and my second book will be out within the next couple of weeks.

My main draw to 40k was the fluff of the system, and an interest in model building passed onto me from my father. Though I build stuff all day for work, the more detailed and personal creation that making armies gives me remains fulfilling. Though my collection of 40k has expanded into other armies over the last couple of years, the Tau were my first, and have always shaped how I play the game and interact with the lore.

I look forward to learning from everyone in the future as we all adapt to the changing nature of the game!

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Re: New Member, Long Time Lurker

Post#2 » Jun 09 2017 07:12

HI and welcome!

Thanks for the short intro and I for one wonder if you may be deft at crafting up terrain for your gaming table? :D

We have a template at the top of the Profile forum you can use later to fill out which queries you please.

For now, enjoy the community and welcome to a new era in Tau 8th :D

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Re: New Member, Long Time Lurker

Post#3 » Jun 12 2017 02:45

I'm not sure how I missed that sticky! On with it, then:
Real first name: Draco

Age and gender: 28; mostly male, but it shifts some days

Location: Florida, US

Occupation: Theatre Technician, Lab Aide/ATD, Author

How did you get into wargaming?
My father was an avid tabletop gamer in his youth, as well as a model builder, so the hobby passed from him to me rather logically.

How did you get into Tau?
When I first became interested in 40k, the Harlequins were only available through overseas orders, so they were out of reach. However, I loved the (at the time) new designs of the Tau army, and grew to love them even more after I read their lore. The idea of one group continuing to carefully advance while all other gave up was inviting.

What would be your second piece of advice (after "read the freakin' rules") to a new Tau player?
Don't just build your lists to win. Make up a flavor and story for your army that will make games fun for both your opponent and yourself.

What is your Tau colour scheme?
Deep black with red/scarlet inlays and brass fittings/bands intended to look like the ornamental style often associated with China under Imperial British control.

How did you find this site/the old site, and how long have you been a member?
I've lurked on and off for so long that I no longer remember how I found it. However, I just became a member because I'm so bad at keeping up with forums, but am looking forward to the new edition.

What are the origins of your ATT username?
It's the same pseudonym that I've worked under for the better part of my life, so it's basically my public persona.

Have you reviewed the ATT Membership & Forum Rules?
I have, but I'm sure I need to go back and review it again to make sure I understood everything.

Where and how often do you usually play?
Once a week at a shop called Sci Fi City, though not always with Tau.

Do you have any other armies, for 40K or another system?
For 40k, I also have full Harlequins (after waiting twenty+ years) and Dark Eldar, a small force of Craftworld Eldar, a growing AdMech army, and a full detachment of Sisters of Silence that I hope will grow into a Sisters of Battle army this edition.
For Fantasy/AoS, I have Lizardmen/Searphon and Skaven (Clan Skryre).
For Malifaux, I have Neverborn and Gremlins.
For Battletech, I have a number of 'mechs from across the timeline, but I generally work with House Kurita.

What is your favourite and least favourite army to play against?
Favorite is Imperial Guard, because it tends to be a fair fight, as I play arty/infantry Tau.
Least favorite tends to be Space Marines, since many of the SM players in my club play as many overpowered/undercosted formations as possible.

What is your best and worst 40K moment?
Best 40k moment was, unfortunately, not with Tau. I was playing a Kill Team game of Dark Eldar versus Space Marines, and my opponent went first. He advanced toward my side of the board, but was unable to get a clear shot. My Raider full of Kaballites then swung around a piece of terrain, Tokyo Drift-style, into rapid fire range, and unloaded approximately twenty four twin-linked shots into his group. By the time all shots and saves were resolved, I had wiped out his force on turn one. We stood there gauping for a few moments, then happily set back up for another go, because that was a statistical aberration, and we both knew it.
My worst moment is a contributing factor in why I refuse to play in tournaments. At a local shop's weekender with prize support under $100, I had an opponent bring the same list they intended to use at a national level event, then proceed to do some of the scummiest rules lawyering I've ever encountered across all of the different systems I play in order to hobble my army's ability to do what it was literally designed to do. I still won't interact with that player if at all avoidable.

What does/do your family/significant other/friends think about your 'funny toys'?
I talk to my father about whenever I get the chance, since we both enjoy the modeling aspect of the hobby. My wife loves that I have something to do, and even helps me paint sometimes. Almost all of my friends play the same or similar games, so that's not even really a question.

What are some of you other interests?
I also play tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder (and I'm looking forward to Starfinder), as well as Shadowrun and A Time of War (BT tabletop). In addition, I'm an avid reader, and have a vested interest in the sciences due to a background in anthropology.

Do you have any pets?
Three pets; a dog (havanese breed), a chinchilla, and a guinea pig.

What is your favourite band?
Difficult to pin down due to the breadth of my tastes, which range from classical, jazz, and metal, to cultural and fusion music from around the globe. Recently, however, I've been listening to a lot of Battle Beast after seeing them live with Sabaton.

As for the question of building terrain, I've given it a lot of thought, but don't have a gaming table myself at the moment due to space restrictions in my apartment. I have the supplies and tools needed due to my job, but just haven't buckled down and done anything. I have too many models to build and paint!

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Re: New Member, Long Time Lurker

Post#4 » Jun 12 2017 07:17

Hear your pain on space and model counts for the painting list :D

Your hobby setup sounds great though, the whole crew and your wife involved. Top stuff! :biggrin:

I do like DnD but have an eye on Pathfinder, though it must said Starfinder has my attention too at the moment!

I hear you on the 20yr wait for Harlequins, its crazy only now do we get some of the models and parts referenced as far back as second edition (GCults and their classic weapons for example)

Good times ahead I feel for Warhammer Genre hobbyists!

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