New player from Switzerland

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New player from Switzerland

Post#1 » Jun 13 2017 05:07

Hello Tau-Players,

I was playing WH 40k a looooong time ago. I was actually a kid and i think my rule-understanding wasn't the best...
A few months ago i decided to re-begin as a TAU-Player. So a bought the Codex, the starter Set and a few units. A few weeks later... they announced that 8th edition is coming. :roll:

It didn't matter to me... i just want to enjoy the hobby and i don't care in which edition i will do that. Cool is, that my friends have to "restart" too... So i hope that levels everything a bit out.

To my person:
I am 30 years old, live in Switzerland, no kids, no wife. Other hobby's are my motorbike and gaming in general...

I was lurking a lot in this forum, but decided finally myself to enter as an active member. I have a lot of questions for all the nerd-heads here ;-)...

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Re: New player from Switzerland

Post#2 » Jun 13 2017 05:55

Since i can't ask any army-lists questions in the army-list topic, i could maybe try in this one... because i am a bit stuck in my plan of building a force that is competitive. Also i haven't seen all the leaks of the new edition...

At the moment i have this at home:

1 Ethereal (no equipement)
1 Commander (Coldstar + 4x Plasma?)

1x 10 Firewarriors (Pulsrifles – already glued)
1x 10 Firewarriors (Pulsrifles – already glued)
1x 16 Kroot (glued)

3x Crisis Suits
- (1x Plasma + 1x Burst + 1x Flamer)
- (1x Plasma + 1x Burst + 1x Flamer)
- (2x Plasma + 1x Anti-Air)


1x Broadside (missiles – already glued)

As you can see i have just the starter set and a few other units. I glued everything together (not the weapons for the commander and the Crisis Suits). So my Firewarriors are "stuck" with the Pulserifles and the Broadside with the missile-pods... Also important is, that i already painted my troops and i didn't like to do it. Not because i hate painting (i love it), it's because i hate to paint 20 times the same thing. So I wouldn't be a big fan if someone tells me that a good TAU army has 5 x 10 Firewarriors... ;).

Ok... now my question...
I assume that there are a lot of experienced players here, that already calculated in which direction the "new TAU" are going. What do you think? Without looking at points... what kind of units would be "essential" with my starter army? Pathfinders or Drones? Are Piranhas a thing now? I love Stealthsuits... are they good?
I read a few threads on lists, but it didn't really help to be honest. I don't want to scrap already the half of my army...

I would be really really happy for a input of the experienced players here. Already, thank you very much!

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Re: New player from Switzerland

Post#3 » Jun 13 2017 06:30

Hey Butch, welcome to the Advanced Tau Tactica community :D

I have one little request for you. Could you head over and read the Member Guidelines and expectations for me, at this link?

Also, you cannot run a Coldstar Commander with custom weapons as his weapons are preset and cannot be changed out. If you want to equip a Commander with quad-Fusion, it would need to be on a standard Commander :)
The days of goodly English is went
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Re: New player from Switzerland

Post#4 » Jun 13 2017 06:55

Thank you bloodknife :-D!

I admit i read the rules already. When i understand it right, i can not open a new thread like my second post, but i could comment on a similar post...? Is that right (at least at my newbe status)?
Problem is, this is my ONLY question ;-)
Since english isn't my main language i maybe made a mistake... when i made a mistake; Sorry. I should have read it twice.

When i cant post my question at all, then... well then i look in other thread for a similar list with the same units then... np

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